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Updated Numbers

I have been working on updating the team numbers images in my Photobucket album. There were a lot of minor additions, but here's a quick look at some of the major changes.

Columbus Blue Jackets numbersPittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic numbersNew York Rangers numbersLos Angeles Kings Legends numbers

Got this Sharks concept from Tex
San Jose Sharks conceptHe's not too sure about the logo, but he does like the jersey. Although I do like their current alternate I can see how some more colour would make a nice jersey. Both could work very well.

I find it a little difficult to make a Flyers alternate jersey concept and not just do the old black jersey they came out with back for the 1997-98 season.
Philadelphia Flyers conceptI based the logo off of Brian Boucher's mask. You can't really mess with the Flyers' logo, but I was trying to do something a little different yet logical.

Here's two more additions to my jersey collection.
Ryan's Chicago SweaterRyan's Buffalo SweaterThese arrived on Thursday and I just had a chance to take a pic of them now.

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Glen said...

Aren't the Jackets' alt captaincy letters more square?

Ryan said...

You're right. I fixed it.

Anonymous said...

That Sharks jersey is pretty nice looking. Since something was mentioned about not sure about the logo what about the shoulder logo that looks to be an updated version of the fin logo on the 1991 jerseys used as the primary logo? I think they need some sort of revamp to all 3 of their jerseys though

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