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Tampa Bay Releases Jerseys for 2011/12

The Tampa Bay Lightning held a press conference today at noon to announce their re-branding and re-vitalization efforts. The main event was the unveiling of the new logo and home and road sweaters to be used at the start of the 2011-12 season. I find good and bad with this sweater. I'll start with the bad.

"The Bad"
The jersey is blue and white, which may be a little too close to the Leafs. I understand wanting to have a classic look, but you can have a classic look where the blue and the white are the main colour. Then have grey or black be trim colours that are used very sparingly. The other bad things is the "circle logo" created for the shoulder patch. While it looks fine, I deemed that any circle logo created after the Panthers released their 3rd jersey, was a copycat. It's not a bad logo, I just can't accept it because everyone is doing it!

"The Good"
I'm a big fan of the Lightning going with a classic look. The jerseys are very simple and so is the logo. You know instantly when you look at it that it's a hockey jersey. I also love the "Tampa Bay" that is on the road jersey. When you play at home all of your fans know you and the city that you represent. But when they go on the road now, they are bringing their city name along with them and wearing as a badge of honour. I see it kind of what baseball teams do with their road uniforms.

I really like the promotion that they are doing where season ticket holders get a free jersey which denotes them as a season ticket holder. The jersey also will have a "STH" (Season Ticket Holder) patch on the right chest and a lightning bolt on the cuff. The jersey will be implanted with a micro chip that will get the season ticket holder discounts at concessions etc.

As a jersey geek, as many of us are, I really appreciate the fact that they took an initiative and released the jerseys now so that THEY could be the ones to do it. Now their buzz can't be ruined by a leak during the summer. Look, we're all talking Lightning today aren't we?

I also appreciate that they provided digital art of the new sweaters and logos on their website. How many jersey releases have we seen that don;t provide quality pictures of the ENTIRE jersey and then don't provide any additional information?

Overall Grade: BThe JERSEY RUMOURS page has been updated to reflect this new information.

Now, to usual Monday business.

I recently provided Sportslogos.net with a bunch of 2011 Winter Classic logos that I received over the summer. You can go see them here.

As you know, the Hurricanes hosted the All Star Game over the weekend. I found this year's events fun to watch. You know why? Because it seemed like the players were actually having fun. More so than Montreal in '09 and especially Dallas in '07. That also leads into last week's poll which asked if you would watch the All Star Game with the new format. 85% said that you would watch it. I wonder if the TV ratings will reflect that. I know that here in Canada, TSN was blown away by the amount of people who watched the Fantasy Draft (the Skills comp and game were on CBC).

This week's poll was only supposed to be one question, but I thought of another fitting question at work. Here's the first question; at the unofficial half-way mark of the NHL season, which one of the teams listed do you think will win the Stanley Cup? The second question is based off of the copious amounts of people that I know who have beer league hockey/shinny hockey on Sunday nights. This Sunday night is the Super Bowl. I'm asking would you go to Sunday night hockey or stay home and watch the Super Bowl? Voting is on the right side of the page and runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST
I have changed my original TEMPLATES/TUTORIAL page to only include templates now. If you need a template, go there, as most of them will be there. If you have a template that is not there, email it in and I will post it on the page.

This week's COTW nominees are posted on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Go check them out and then vote on the left side of the page. Voting runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

Speaking of COTW, on Friday I will release all of the details regarding the 2011 Concept of the Year!

That was a long post and no concepts! I promise, lots of concepts tomorrow.
Tampa Bay Releases Jerseys for 2011/12 Reviewed by Ryan on January 31, 2011 Rating: 5


Brad said...

I hate them. What a waste. They are the 'Lightning', I would think that with the advances in design technology that Tampa would be more creative and reflective of their name. This is plain and boring. We already have a blue and white team.

Tex said...

Better than what they have now.

Anonymous said...

Just a tought... Here in Quebec, the buzz this past year was about moving the Lightning in Quebec city to become the «reborn» Nordiques. With those sweaters, we're not far from that! Only have to change the logo!!!

Ryan said...

I don't see the Lightning moving in the near future. Quebec might have more luck getting the Thrashers, Panthers, or Coyotes. Build your arena first, then we'll talk.

Anonymous said...

Not that they were available, but with the french players on the team it was wishful thinking... ;)

Dylan said...

Too plain

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