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Sweet Whale Concept

As much as I hated doing it, I couldn't get the old red Sens jersey out of my head. I just kept thinking about doing a simplified Edge version of it. I resisted for the last two weeks, but yesterday I gave in.
Ottawa Senators conceptMaybe it's a little too plain. I guess they knew what they were doing when the went with a swoop instead of a straight line.

Brian sent in this Coyotes set
Phoenix Coyotes conceptsI like that black third jersey. It's better than the mess they have now. The wordmark is good enough that it can be a successful logo. Their current home and roads are amongst the best jerseys in the league and Brian has done a fantastic job here. He's added the vintage wheat and returned the hem stripes. Great looking set.

Earlier this week we got the All Star Jersey news. After day one, all we had was info and that's when Jack sent me these.
All Star Game conceptsI like this pattern better than what they will use. However, I do like the actual numbers that they will use as opposed to the Hurricanes numbers. A combo of those things would make this a nice ASG jersey.

Again, earlier this week, I posted a Connecticut Whale concept that was posted on Icethetics. Jonathan saw my concept and was inspired. He took the elements I had and...well...made them better.
Connecticut Whale concepts
As I told Jonathan, his logo took my logo, bent it over a table and had it's way with it! Just a fantastic job. I smell COTW already! Anyone else?

Speaking of Concept of the Week, the COTW tab has been updated with last week's (Jan 3-9) winner, me and my NYR concept.
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Glen said...

Just noticed that 5 weeks in, we have yet to have a repeat COTW winner.

Visage said...

thanks for posting my stuff and for the complement. I appreciate it. and i nominate the CTW jersey for the COTW

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