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Oilers Concept and Outdoor Games

Here's a neat concept
Edmonton Oilers conceptTex is returning the Oilers to their WHA roots with this jersey. Like many of us, he wants to see the Oilers ditch their current road and alternate sweaters and re-introduce a sweater that matches the home retro jersey.

The next big event for the NHL is the All Star Game, but who really cares much about that anymore? After that it's the Heritage Classic, which is now known as the Tim Hortons Heritage Classic. Yay sponsorship...

The common feeling is that the Habs Heritage Classic sweater effort was lacking. Really? Different numbers? Boooooo! I understand that they did just come out with 5 throwbacks over the past two seasons and that they possibly didn't want to pull one out again. Yet, there were other simple options that they could have done in conjunction with the number alteration. Here are a few of those options.
Montreal Canadiens Heritage Classic concepts1) Add laces to the current road sweater
2) 3 stripe collar as was the case when that number style was used
3) Retro logo and laces, modeled after the sweater used from 1963 to 1975
4) 1935 to 1938 white sweater
5) Retro logo, 1944-47 sweater with laces
6) A really bad mash-up I made last week that looked good at the time, but no longer looks good to me. Yet would be more interesting than what they will wear.

As I Tweeted earlier this week, Pierre LeBrun stated during the 2nd intermission of CBC`s Winter Classic broadcast, that Philadelphia`s Lincoln Financial Field and Denver`s Invesco Field were the top two locations being considered for the 2012 Winter Classic. I think regardless of who gets chosen, the New York Rangers will be the opponent. I believe one of the options discussed for this year was Rangers vs Caps, but NBC wasn't impressed with the TV ratings those teams got during their 2009 playoff series. Either way the Rangers sell well to TV audiences in the States. I don't think Colorado is quite competitive enough yet to get the game, so my guess is it will go to Philadelphia. So, I made up concepts for the TBD 2012 Winter Classic in Philadelphia (maybe?)
Philadelphia 2012 Winter Classic conceptNew York 2012 Winter Classic concept
That's all for today.
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Goal Line Design said...

change number 5 to the current logo and you have a winner. rangers jersey is perfection. concept of the week

Anonymous said...

can the west coast get some love!!! (or hate) in the poll! its all eastern teams

Tex said...

rangers jersey for concept of the week.

Ryan said...

but the west coast is very non-threatening. Why would we hate the Ducks? The Kings built a very good team the right way. Who cares about Dallas and Phoenix? Maybe some would hate VAN or SJ? COL looks like they are good, young and quick. Maybe I'm wrong?

Will said...

concept of the week:
edmonton, by tex
new york, by ryan
chicago, gary

let's bring the winter classic to denver, and heritage classic to my hometown, edmonton.

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