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Kings, Thrashers and Stars

COTW voting has been completed and Ryan's(me) winning Capitals concept can be found on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page.

Atlanta Thrashers conceptThis is from Avi. Great design here using the CCM 6100 pattern. Except for the hem which uses the baby blue jersey 6100 lines. Again, I love this logo as the main crest, without the wordmark maybe? It's also nice to see the "A" logo with the bird's head as a shoulder patch. I wouldn't be surprised if that logo were to be used on the new alternate jerseys next season.

Dallas Stars conceptsFirst time contributor, Mason sent in these photos of a jersey he did up using Athletic Knit jersey customizer. You can find a link to the AK Customizer on the TUTORIAL/TEMPLATES page. Unfortunately the images are a little bit grainy. I hope you're not too upset Mason, but I took what you did and made it a little bit clearer...while still providing your photos. Hope to see more work from you!

Los Angeles Kings conceptAvi sends in a concept here that makes you think what the Kings might look like if they kept the "Gretzky logo" for the Edge jerseys. I'm all for it, except the white shoulder yokes. I even would keep the silver outline on the shoulders.

Soon, I'll be putting up a new page where I will be posting my concepts based on all of the information that comes out regarding new sweaters for the 2011-12 season!

One final note, to anyone who submits artwork. For best quality, I recommend saving in .png or .gif format. I also recommend having your name or some sort of identifier on your concept. These images come up quite often on Google image searches and you want people to know who did the work.
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coyotes for concept of thr week

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