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Caps, Rangers, and Kings

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I would reveal details next week about Concept of the Year 2011. I have not changed my mind on that and just wanted to continue to tease it...

Concepts!!! In the last couple of weeks I have been really pleased to get concepts from first time contributors. I hope they become regular contributors. Today I received some concepts from another first-timer, John B.
Washington Capitals conceptJohn says this is his "out there" Caps concept. Maybe a few too many stars for my liking. I do like the thin stripe containing stars that runs through the middle of the jersey though...just less stars.

New York Rangers conceptJack sent this Rangers concept in. I like the idea of a vintage wheat jersey. Unfortunately the NHL would count that as a "colour" jersey and thus the other team would have to wear white. That wouldn't be distinctive enough to tell them apart. Yet, if the Canucks can get an exception to the name on the backs rule, maybe a team can get an exception to the colour jerseys vs white jerseys rule.

Los Angeles Kings conceptI end today's post with a retro Kings concept. I love the idea that they may bring back the purple and gold as an alt next season, but why not switch it up a little bit? Either jersey (70's or 80's) would be fine by me.

I have a few Tampa Bay Lightning concepts saved up for the unveiling of the new brand sometime next week. I'll try and post them before (if not, then after) the press conference to stir up some speculation. If you got some Lightning concepts for that post, send them in.
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Trevor said...

You mean Capitals? Not Jackets right?

Ryan said...


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