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Glen's NHL Rebrand Part VIII

I've had an absolutely crazy week so far, and it's only going to get worse from here. Here are some crazy concepts from this crazy week.

PHILADELPHIA- I am one of the people that dislikes the Flyers’ retro jerseys. I especially hate the off-colour nameplates. The one thing that I do like about them is that they brought back orange as the primary colour. I went back to the template that the team originally used when the Edge system first came out. The road jersey is now orange, and the black jersey has been relegated to alternate status. The nameplates also match the jerseys.

PHOENIX- I was considering using the Native American striping for the primary jerseys, but instead decided to go with the striping from the current alt. I did however use the Native American striping on the alternate jersey. The logo on the third jersey is from the Zephyr X-Line of hats. “Goals for Kids” returns to the right shoulder, while the rising sun logo is on the left shoulder. This symbolizes the sun rising in the East, and the Moon rising in the West.

PITTSBURGH- Two words: Sunday Yellows. That’s right, the 90s jerseys are back, and with them comes the old yellow alternate. I wanted the Penguins to once again match the Steelers and Pirates, so Vegas gold had to go. The only change from the 90s jerseys is that the sleeve stripes are now straight, and the TV numbers are lower on the arm.

Glen's NHL Rebrand Part VIII Reviewed by Glen Cuthbert on January 27, 2011 Rating: 5


MMcG said...

Nice work!

Joshua Schroeder said...

Those Penguins jerseys: YES!

Tex said...

Yes! Gold Pens jerseys! Go Steelers!


I LOVE THE YELLOW PENGUINS JERSEY! Bring that color scheme back & ditch Vegas Gold!


As of this comment n the future (2016) the Penguins have the black 1980s/ early 1990s jersey as an alternate! How can this b? Im from the future! LOL!

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