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Glen's NHL Rebrand Part VII

ISLANDERS- The Islanders have had a rather interesting jersey history to say the least. The look that I like best from the Islanders was their pre-Edge look. So that is what I returned to. The lighthouse logo from the "Fishsticks" jerseys has been updated and placed on the shoulders and on the chest of the third jersey. The four stripes on the third represent the 4 straight Cups that the Isles won in the '80s.

RANGERS- The new retro jerseys that the team unveiled this year were the inspiration for this concept. I just can't get over how good the Rangers look in navy blue and dark red. I changed the road to match the home. I also went with "New York" as the wordmark on the home. The third jersey was inspired by the Kitchener Rangers of the OHL. Instead of a soldier like Kitchener usually has, I used Lady Liberty.

OTTAWA- In the years immediately preceding the Edge jerseys, Ottawa couldn't decide on its identity. Is it a modern team with swooping stripes and a front-facing logo, or is it a classic team with straight stripes and the original logo? I went classic for this Rebrand. The black jersey returns as the road, and the updated side-facing Senator is placed on both jerseys. The maple leaf/Peace Tower logo is on the shoulders of the home and road. I combined the O from the team's current shoulder logo with the "winged S" logo from their pre-Edge days for the alternate.

For those of you marking your calendars, after this post my Rebrand will now appear on THURSDAYS instead of Wednesday. I don't have classes on Thursdays, so it will give me more time to work on my Rebrand.

Stay tuned for a rather interesting Coyotes design next week, as well as a welcome change for the Penguins.
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Tex said...

Yes! Changes for the Pens!

Anonymous said...

I love the designs for the Islanders, Rangers, and Senators rebranding. Thanks for sharing.

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