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Glen's NHL Rebrand Part VI

After a one week haitus, my rebrand is back! Thank you for being patient as I settled into my second semester of college. At the beginning of this series, I promised some surprises. This weeks post contains some of them.

MONTREAL- The non-matching home and road set has really been bugging me. So I decided to fix that. Montreal has used this jersey in the past as an alternate, and I would love to see it come into use full time. The logo on the shoulders and behind the alternate logo is a globe. After winning the 1924 Stanley Cup, the Habs declared themselves "World Champions" and actually wore it as their main crest for a season.

NASHVILLE- The Predators have one of the busiest logos in the NHL. Two shades of yellow, steel blue, navy blue, grey, and white all find themselves playing some role in this logo. I simplified it, removing the steel blue and one of the shades of yellow. I also completely re-did their jerseys. The old mustard third jerseys were an eyesore, but I decided that a real shade of yellow might look good. I removed the triangle from the side of the alternate logo and simplified the colours as well. The "NP" logo that once adorned the team's alternate pants is now on the shoulders.

NEW JERSEY- I had considered going back to the Christmas colours, but then I discovered this awesome alternate logo. It is used on certain New Era team hats, and features a devil's face inside the NJ logo. The template used for the home and road is that of the white "Christmas jerseys" The third jersey is a black version of their current set.

Thanks to Connor Hanley for his awesome work on the Nashville template.

Glen's NHL Rebrand Part VI Reviewed by Glen Cuthbert on January 13, 2011 Rating: 5


Goal Line Design said...

is there a thin stripe separating the white and red on the devils alt?

Glen said...

Yes there is, but not on the shoulder yoke.

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