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This is a quick post, lacking in opinion. Please leave opinions in the comments section. Why is this so quick? I'm glad you asked, I'm working on an updated tutorial on jersey creation. I've gotten a few emails this weekend on how to use Paint.net.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Avi)

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Gary)
Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Stephan)

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Gary) (logo by Ryan Haslett)

Concept artists always appreciate feedback so please leave some critiques in the comments section below.

Tutuorial should be posted tonight or tomorrow night.
Full Jersey Sets Reviewed by Ryan on January 23, 2011 Rating: 5


steve333 said...

stephan, that penguins jersey is a travesty, why would you go purple and yellow and unggh. what did you do to that logo.

Anonymous said...

That Penguins logo is hideous.
I really do like the white Ottawa concept much more then the black.

Brian said...

I can't unsee those Pittsburgh uniforms.

Glen said...

Stephan must have mistook it for for Freakout Fridays.

Anonymous said...

what do you guys think of avi's jackets concepts?

Tex said...

What the heck? Hideous can't even begin to describe that Penguins logo.
Sorry, Stephan.

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