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Coyotes, Leafs and More!

Avi sent this in.
Hartford Whalers conceptHe combined the new Blue Jackets third jersey template with the colours and logo of the Hartford Whalers. Jersey looks good, but obviously people would cry foul because it looks like the Jackets' jersey. Am I alone in preferring a green Whalers jersey to a blue one?

I was just messing around and came up with this.
Tampa Bay Lightning conceptAs you can see, I combined the late 90's template with the Reebok Edge cut. I do like the numbering style the Bolts used to use. It really set them apart from other teams in the league.

Here is Tex's recent contribution.
Phoenix Coyotes conceptI think it might be a little more interesting if the PHX patch were on the left side of the jersey, as in over top of the player's heart. This is a good use of a third jersey because the Coyotes' home and away have very traditional elements. Here, Tex uses the third jersey to employ designs that don't appear on the home or road and aren't as traditional.

Now we finish back where we started.
Toronto Maple Leafs conceptHere is Avi's Leafs concept. I love that leaf, but as a shoulder patch. I think you need the team name if it's to be used as a main crest. That may just be me with the blue and white goggles on though. I like the striping on the jersey. Even though it's all different it seems to work for me.
Coyotes, Leafs and More! Reviewed by Ryan on January 20, 2011 Rating: 5


Trevor said...

Green all the way with Whalers jerseys!!!

Glen said...

Ryan: Go for the paintbrush numbers!

Tex said...

Paintbrush numbers, no stick with the ones you've got now.

Ryan said...

Anyone know where to find the paintbrush font or numbers? I'm definitely not talented enough to draw them on my own.

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