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ASG Jersey Released

It's interesting how All Star Game jersey talk really picked up this week...and then the jerseys were released. That's very "interesting" how buzz was generated the same week as the jersey release week. That's how a P.R. machine works I guess. Anyways, here are the jerseys.
2011 NHL All Star Game jerseysNot bad. This could have been a lot worse. I like the thin simple lines at the hem, with the stars over top. I've noticed it mentioned that because the teams don't have names yet, the NHL shield is used as the logo. Well from the 50's right through to the 2000's the teams had names (Campbell/Wales or North America/World) and the NHL shield was used. I'm a little worried about this new Reebok numbering material. If it comes into the NHL full time, it'll probably be a different material when getting your replica jerseys crested. My guess is that it will be that stupid cheap plastic that they use for shoulder patches. Or even worse, screen printing...ew!

Avi says that there is a rumour in Columbus that next year's Winter Classic will be at The Horseshoe. The opponent, the Detroit Red Wings. So Avi, put together a quick logo for the event and created jerseys...Columbus Blue Jackets conceptDetroit Red Wings conceptI don't know how those white numbers would show on the ice outdoors on TV. I do like that Blue Jackets jersey though. Without much history to draw from it would be interesting to see what they would come up with.

Here's a neat challenge. Come up with a vintage mash up jersey for a fictional Winter Classic for ANY team. Don't make it a direct throwback, make it a mash up like Boston and Pittsburgh did. Then send them in for all to see.
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Trevor said...

I really like the Jackets jersey. The logo looks really good without the neon green in there. Looks modern and I could see the team doing something like this.

Avi said...

ya, it looks more like an actual blue jackets logo now. i made the stripes on the jersey replicate the ohio flag since its a unique flag, and columbus is the capital of ohio.

Glen said...

I love the Blue Jackets jersey. The only thing that I would change is to remove the butt-star. It looks weird.

Avi said...

well when i made it, my intention was to make it look like the ohio flag, but where the cut-out is on the flag, it looked empty on the jersey so i just put something that fits there

Tex said...

Wow, I was way off with my ASG jersey.

Tex said...

Also, Avi, great Jackets jersey, I would love to see the Winter Classic go to "The Shoe".

Go Buckeyes!!

Glen said...

Avi: I would make it three stars then instead of one.

Tex: Buckeyes? Go Gators!

Avi said...

glen: why 3 stars? haha just a random number?

and btw i believe ohio state beat an sec team this year! OH!

Tex said...


Glen said...

Avi: Three stars to keep it symmetrical, but not so it looks like the player is pooping out a star :P

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