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All Star Draft Tonight

Oddly, I'm looking forward to the All Star Game Fantasy Draft tonight. Evidently, so are most of you, judging by the weekly poll results so far. I'll get to that on Monday though. Usually my favourite part of the ASG is the Skills Competition on the day before the game.

The COTW winner for January 17-23 is Avi with his Columbus Blue Jackets set. Go check out the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab to see his winning entry. Next week I'll let you in on the details about how we are going to get a Concept of the Year - 2011!!!!

Montreal Canadiens conceptJack took the Habs current road sweater on tried to apply the same elements to a home version. As you can see, it's a little plain but the Habs with all of their tradition and heritage might be able to get away with plain. I say if you make the numbers solid white along with the collar it could work.

Florida Panthers conceptsGary created these Panthers jerseys. Gary lightened the yellow in the panther logo and darkened the yellow in the jersey. He said it creates a good balance. I also like the idea of yellow numbers on the back. They might need a thicker blue outline though.

Ottawa Senators conceptThis is from Jack who has been doing really well with the Paint.net tutorial. I believe this was one of his first efforts with the program. It seems like everyone is asking for the retro "O" logo on the new Sens jerseys. Will they come through or disappoint?

Speaking of All Star Games and Ottawa, those two things will come together next season. Though very unlikely, I hope to see retro inspired uniforms used. I put together these concepts.
All Star Game conceptAll Star Game conceptThese are based off of the Rendez-Vous '87 jerseys and the Wales-Campbell jerseys worn from 89-93 (excluding 92). Which are my favourite of any All Star jerseys.

That's all for now. I hope to have some more for this All Star weekend.
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Goal Line Design said...

allstarts for cotw. i dont think the white shoulders look great on black tho.

Glen said...

All-Stars for COTW. The white shoulders look awesome on black.

Anonymous said...

whats this COTW 2011?


My favorite All Star Game uniforms r the 1982, 1983 & 1984-1986 NHL All Star Game uniforms (especially the orange 1s cause that's my favorite color).

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