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2011-12 New Sweater Rumours

To know what this post is about go to CCSLC and check it out. A quick snip-it from the post is below.

Islanders new third. Kings are changing their 3 jerseys. Tampa is changing up their home and aways. Toronto is getting a new third. Edmonton is getting a new home. Florida is changing up the home and away. Pittsburgh new third. Predators new home and away. Senators new third. Dallas new third and atlanta new third"

This is straight from the catalog, and if I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure the catalog has been a pretty good indicator of what is going to be coming out for the next season.

In a later post, the information about the Oilers was switched to a new road.

So what follows is just good, fun speculation. I have no more knowledge about any jersey news than any of you do, but these are my best guesses.

Atlanta (new 3rd) - I couldn't even put a good guess out here. They chose that awful motocross looking thing, they should have to live with it for the next five years!

Dallas (new 3rd) - My guess is a green jersey. Maybe in the current football style they have now. Or, maybe with their logo on the front like the current alternate.

Edmonton (new road) - At last, hopefully, the pajamas will be gone. I think it's safe to say we'll see a retro road white to match the home jersey.

Florida (new home and road) - I think the current 3rd will be promoted to home status and a matching road white will be introduced. There was talk on CCSLC that the circle logo won't be used, instead the leaping panther would stand as the main crest.

Los Angeles (Completely new set) - Again, a 3rd gets promoted to home. A matching road white. A new alternate, which I will guess will be the current purple throwback. Remember this post from Icethetics?

Nashville (new home & road) - AGAIN, 3rd to home status and a road white to match. Probably something quite similar to what Icethetics posted this week. Maybe some minor changes.

NY Islanders (new third) - The Islanders can never seem to get their jerseys right. They come out with "Fishsticks" and they are hated...switch to retro inspired. Change again with Edge, hated...switch to retro. Will they learn this time or will it be more fishsticks?

Ottawa (new third) - A while ago Icethetics led us to a petition that was asking for a new Sens 3rd jersey. I wouldn't be surprised if they went with something looking extremely similar yet with enough changes that they can claim it as their own idea.

Pittsburgh (new third) - Is it any secret that they will be using their Winter Classic jerseys?
Tampa Bay (new home & road) - Three ideas here. A return to their pre-Edge design. Black and white versions of their current alternate, with the primary logo as the crest. Or, something new that we can speculate about for a long time and look forward to seeing.

Toronto (new third) - This is a bad choice and is obviously just a money grab as the Leafs have one of the best jerseys in the league. I expect either a '67 throwback or a 70's throwback. I think they will go blue because sometimes teams don't like bringing extra jerseys on road trips if they have to play the Leafs wearing their alts in Toronto.

That's all.
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Brian said...

If the Kings use what's in that concept, they will become the best dressed team in the league.

MMcG said...

Florida = boring

LA - eh

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