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December 30, 2011

COTW Winner!

Winning his 3rd COTW this week was Brandon S. with his St. Louis Blues concepts! You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the winning entry. Thank you to the Voting Committee Members who voted, as you really made it a close race! The results of the vote are below.

Brandon S. - 4
Avi - 3
Dave C. -2
Michael N. - 2
Brian B. - 0

Everyday a new jersey collection is sent in and I'm enjoying looking at all of them. I'm really looking forward to posting them during the January 2nd Live Blog! If you want me to post your jersey collection, then take pictures of your jerseys, put them together in a collage and email them in!

Speaking of jerseys, this Christmas was very good to me as I was able to order 5 new sweaters to add to my collection! Unfortunately those jerseys won't arrive before the January 2 Live Blog. However, I thought a neat idea would be for you guys to guess which jerseys I purchased. The first person to guess at least 3/5 will get a sneak peek at the new look HJC! Don't just guess which teams, also guess home or road and year, if applicable. Leave your guesses in the comments. Here are some clues...

- 1 is a retro jersey from the CCM Vintage collection - 1 is a Winter Classic jersey - 3 of them are current jerseys - of those current jerseys, none are older than the 2010-11 season

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Stephen)Stephen has used the Peace Tower from the ASG logo and applied it inside the "O" logo. He's also used the 3rd jersey colours. The black jersey is really the only one I like. On the vintage white jersey the stripes look to be in reverse order of the black jersey. As I've mentioned previously, you'll want to fill in the shading on the player model and the stripes go over top of that shading. Also, it appears that the Sabres stitched numbers were attempted to be used here, but it looks like there has been a big bite taken out of them on the bottom right.

Ottawa 67's concepts (by Torin)
Torin adds vintage white to the 67's red sweater and he's also added a vintage white jersey to match, with red shoulder yokes. The previous Edge black jersey is used here as an alternate. I'd say this is a near perfect set if two changes were made. First being removing the yokes on the white jersey and second being making the TV numbers white on the black jersey. Oh, and for the alternate jersey, a different stitching pattern would be used.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Spirit104)Spirit has removed the black from the 3rd jersey and added "Avalanche red" sleeve striping. This jersey isn't great, but it's also not bad. I sort of feel indifferent towards this one. I like the execution though. Personally I'm not a huge fan of jerseys that read "ABCDE #12" on the back, but that's only a personal preference.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Jack)I think this is a great combination of old and new as far as a Lightning concept goes! I really like the striping design on the sleeves as well. I can't even think of anything I don't like about this one. Great job Jack!

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Scott)Scott has made a mash-up Hawks logo and placed it on the original black 3rd jersey. This is decent except I'd like the "native head" logo to fit inside the red circle. What if you kept the "native head" logo as the primary and move the tomahawk logo into the circle script logo (as a shoulder patch)?

Calgary Flames concepts (by Brandon C.)These are really great Flames concepts and nice work with the player model as well! The one adjustment that would make them a 10/10 to me would be to remove the double yoke outline and the red sweater. Still, great concepts and well executed. COTW nomination from me!

Oklahoma City Barons concept (by HJC)What started out as an Oilers concept quickly became a Barons concept. I didn't think the bronze would work on the shoulders at first, but then I added the thicker white outline and I was pretty happy with it.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Justin)I really like the home sweater, but the road sweater loses me with the blue side panels. In my opinion, blue yokes would have looked better. Perhaps someone could explain the ship reference in the logo to me?

Regina Pats concepts (by Kevin) Description on the concepts.
New York Islanders concept (by Avi)You know I'm going to say it, but here's another black Isles concept that is better than what they use! The stripes are somewhat unique, yet classic. The "four stripe" shoulder patch looks great on this jersey as well!

Finally, don't expect a tutorial this weekend, with it being New Year's Eve and all.

December 29, 2011

Last Day for COTW Votes

Committee Members, this week more than ever I need you to place your vote for the COTW! It's nearly tied across the board and voting ends tonight at 11:59pm EST. If you're a Committee Member (there are over 30 of you) and you have yet to vote for the COTW, please email your vote in before the deadline. We need you this week!

I am really loving the jersey collections that have been coming in. Rangers and new Jets jerseys seem to be most popular so far. What's in your closet? Again, don't worry about how many you have. So far, we have collections ranging in size from 1 jersey to 29 jerseys. Christmas was good to me this year as I was able to add 5 jerseys to my collection. Hopefully they arrive before the January 2 Live Blog.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Jack)Jack presents an alternative to what the Flyers will wear on Monday. For me, this has too much vintage white and it seems to "bleed" into the orange too much. Get rid of the vintage white yokes and this could be good.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by WinnipegJets96)I don't like the home and roads very much. If you removed the gold parts that run under the arms they would be much better. The 3rd jersey is okay, but a little boring to me and the vintage sweater seems somewhat poorly executed. The colours are in the wrong places and the eggplant stripe comes too far down the chest. Also, the jersey would be stitched a different way if this jersey were to be made.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Tex)Tex has Edge-ified the Penguins' pre-Edge sweaters and made some modifications. The mods include the pants, collar, and curving of the jersey stripes. Also, he switched to somewhat of a more traditional block font. Too bad, I like the font that the Penguins use as it seems classic yet unique to them.

New York Rangers concept (by Kyle C.)Decent concepts from Kyle. I just feel like the Rangers shouldn't wear a predominantly red sweater. After all, they are called the "Broadway Blueshirts". Perhaps there could also be some grey in the outline of the numbers to go along with the grey in the logo.

New York Rangers concept (by Jack)Jack gives us a 1946-47 Rangers sweater where he uses the colours of the team's 3rd jersey. Really nice execution here.

Seattle Spacers concept (by Spirit104)When Spirit sent this to me he said the team was called the Spacers, but the title on the concept calls them the Space. Ah well, I like that he went with a "Seattle colour scheme". It's not bad that Spirit used pre-existing images for his logos, and he's cited them properly as well. I just think that the idea of the shoulder patch would be fairly simple to create yourself. Perhaps next time consider attempting to draw your own logo?

OHL Winter Classic concepts (by Torin)Torin takes the OHL outdoors with his concept here. I really like that Generals fauxback and the Majors' sweater definitely fits their look. My only improvement would be that the Generals might look better in blue pants. Either way, well done!

Brandon Wheat Kings concept (by Scott)Scott promotes the team's 3rd jersey and places their primary logo on it. He then has added a matching Bruins white road jersey. The Wheat Kings seem to have one of the better looking brands in the WHL. Nice work Scott and again, nice presentation.

Red Deer Rebels concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.
Minnesota Wild Stars concept (by Ross)Another awesome concept by Ross. The combination of the logos is brilliant and the jersey stripes and colours mash the two Minnesota teams together extremely well. I have no choice but to give this a COTW nomination!

December 28, 2011

Inbox Is Filling Up Again!

Last season, at the height of HJC's popularity there were over 110 concepts in line waiting to be posted. At it's lowest point this summer, there were only about 20 concepts waiting to be posted. I'm happy to say that it looks like HJC is back to where is was last year plus a little bit more. There are over 115 concepts waiting to be posted, so thank you everyone for your contributions and keep them coming!

COTW Dec 19-25 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's jersey collections that they have sent in. We will have collections of all sizes, from mine, which will contain 29 sweaters to another which has 1. If you would like your jersey collection posted for everyone to see during the Live Blog on January 2, then take pictures of your jerseys and put them together in a collage. Then send them in. I did this last year as well and you can take a look at some of those posts HERE.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Michael L.)I think this suffers from the same thing that happened to the Leafs' sweaters during the Edge-ification of the league. They have been over simplified. Perhaps making the jersey white in between the red arm stripes would help? I understand that this is supposed to be a throwback style concept, but I still don't think enough is happening on this jersey.

Stockholm Vikings concept (by Chuckie)Hot pink, yellow, and blue just aren't good colours for a hockey jersey, in my opinion. I understand Chuckie is trying to come up with "fantasy" teams, but all I continue to see is other team's logos on different sweaters. Here is an execution note, stripes on jerseys go over top of the stitching. I will commend Chuckie on his creative layout of the number and NOB.

Winter Classic concepts (by Chris Z.)On Monday I posted a 1935 inspired Blues vs Hawks Winter Classic concepts. Today Chris has a 1944 inspired game between those two teams. The Blues' sweater is taken from the old St. Louis Flyers of the AHL. My only note would be to make the logo, number, and pants the same shade of blue that is on the jersey.

Boston Red Sox concept (by Spirit104)Would a Red Sox hockey jersey be acceptable in Boston? I know here in Toronto they made a Raptors hockey jersey and people loved it. However, if they were to make a Leafs baseball or basketball jersey people might riot. Actually we'd probably just be really angry and leave the rioting to Montreal and Vancouver.

Buffalo Sabres concept #1 (by Jack)Buffalo Sabres concept #2 (by Jack)Concept #1 is a cool idea, taking the buffalo out of the circle. Concept #2 is also pretty neat. It has the look like it's a throwback to an original jersey, but we all know they never wore this. This may sound weird, but I could see #2 as a Sabres sweater if they were ever in the WHA.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Spirit104)This is a nicely executed concept by Spirit. It's funny, this concept kind of gives Pens fans a choice of which Reebok cookie cutter jersey they would like better. This or what they have now?

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Steven G.)Steven went back to his first ever concepts contributed to HJC and has fixed them up and applied all of his new skills. I love that! He's used colour combinations of the Jets and CFL's Blue Bombers to create these "Golden Jet" concepts. Bobby Hull would be proud to wear these.

Portland Winterhawks concepts (by Kevin) Description included on concepts.
California Golden Sharks concept (by Ross)This is my favourite from Ross' "mash-up" series. I really think he's done a marvelous job combining the old Seals' logo with the Sharks' new logo. The same can be said for the jersey that he has placed the logo on. Despite the loose pixel on the front left side of the collar, I give this a COTW nomination!

December 27, 2011

Solid Tuesday Post

On Monday, January 2, the new look HJC will be revealed during the Winter Classic Live Blog (begins @ 1pm EST). During the Live Blog I will be doing the regular Monday post items and concepts, along with posting YOUR jersey collections! Take some pictures of your hockey jerseys and put them all together in a collage, just like I have done below.Then email them in and I will post as many as I can during the January 2nd Live Blog!

There's only one vote happening this week...
COTW Dec 19-25 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Washington Capitals concept (by Roger)This could be a really good concept. I like the stripes and the colours are spot on. I think the shoulder patch would look better if it was kept in its original colours and a white outline was applied. Also, there are no TV numbers.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Spirit104)This is a REALLY creative jersey design! I like it a lot. My only small nitpick is that I don't think the new "simplified" shoulder patches go with the old logo, but that's not a very big deal. Nice work Spirit104!

Colorado Rockalanche concept (by Ross)This was posted a couple of weeks ago and got COTW nominated. Ross made some adjustments based on comments he got on CCSLC and sent it in again. I love the captain's C's and A's and the "big foot" state flag inspired shoulder patch!

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Jack)Haven't posted anything from Jack in a while so it was good to get stuff from him again. Here he gives us a very modern Flyers design, which Flyers fans may not be too happy about because it looks like a Penguins jersey. Great execution of the concept though.

Soviet Union Tribute jersey concept (by WinnipegJets96)Jets96 keeps it classic and simple, nice work. Also, that's a good idea with the design on the cuffs. In my opinion, that design would look even better if it were a darker red and was "hidden" in the cuffs of the jersey. Side note, I think the team known as the "Red Army" was actually the club that now plays in the KHL called CSKA Moscow.

Jokerit SM-liiga concept (by Glen)Jokerit has always had my favourite logo of any club team in Europe. Ever since the Leafs went over there and played an exhibition game against them in 2003 I've loved their logo. Typically, Jokerit uses the same sweaters that the Florida Panthers wear, but Glen does a nice job here giving them new jerseys and a unique look. I love the accuracy of the sweater as well with the sponsor patches and the Reebok logos! COTW nomination from me!

Atlanta Flaming Thrashers concept (by Ross)Another awesome mash-up concept from Ross, and there's more coming. I like the shoulder patch even though it's a circle logo and the striping of the jersey. The primary crest is good as well, but perhaps could be better if the bird was used as the strike-through in the A, like this logo?

Prince Albert Raiders concepts (by Kevin) Description included on the concepts.
Prince George Cougars concepts (by Kevin) Description included on the concepts.
Get your COTW vote in and your jersey collection collages!

December 26, 2011

Week of Dec 26 - Jan 2

To begin with, a special Christmas treat from St├ęphane
Here we go, the final week of the 2011 COTW calendar!

The COTW nominees are up and listed on the left side of the page (and below).You can see the nominated concepts by clicking the banner on the left or going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Committee Members can vote for the COTW until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

The slightly unpopular Battle of the Legends competition came to an end over the weekend. The winner was me!Here are the results of the vote.

Did you get a hockey sweater as a gift this holiday season? Even if you didn't this still applies to you. Take pictures of all of the jerseys in your jersey collection and put them together in a collage. Send them into HJC and I will begin to share those collages with everyone, beginning with the Live Blog for the Winter Classic on January 2nd!

Boston Bruins concepts (by Stephen T.)These are some of the cleanest concepts that Stephen has sent in! I like the vintage feel of them. A couple of notes, be sure to fill in the shading spots of the player model. Also, you want to draw your jersey stripes over top of said shading spots. For full details, check out the tutorial from a couple of weeks ago.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Dylan)Dylan really goes with the "Canucks" theme here...literally. These just aren't for me. Some execution notes; the shoulder patches are too small, the TV number isn't placed properly (but this was sent in before last weekend's tutorial) and the shoulder patches on the alternate are facing backwards.

Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights concepts (by Alex)This team existed before the Edge era, so Alex has shown us what they would look like if they followed the same path as their parent club. He's also created a new 3rd jersey that seems to play of off some retro Flames elements.

Calgary Flames concept (by Connor)This is a really good black Flames 3rd jersey! It looks like Connor has used the red from the Heritage Classic and it looks great with the black sweater. TV numbers should be split on both sides of the jersey, but I'll give two weeks of letting it slide. Also, the collar is a collar that would use 3 colours, you'd want to use the simple/classic Edge collar. COTW nomination from me!

Winter Classic concepts (by Chris Z.)Chris has the 2013 Winter Classic in St. Louis and he has the Blues playing the Blackhawks. He's used the same jerseys that the Hawks and St. Louis Eagles wore for the 1934-35 season. Thus he gets away with not having TV numbers because sweaters didn't have TV numbers back in those days.

Nashville Predators concept (by Dave C.)Dave has turned the Rangers' Winter Classic sweater into a white 3rd jersey concept for the Predators. Looks good and nice use of the guitar pick logo on the back. It would be hard for any team to look bad in this striping.

Nashville Predators concept (by Spirit104)Nice job here by Spirit to re-introduce the checkerboard pattern with the new Predators look! My only preference would be to switch the NP logo with the primary logo.

New York Golden Blades concepts (by WinnipegJets96)Even though the Golden Blades barely lasted half a season, Jets96 shows us what they would look like "if" the WHA was still around and "if" it adopted the Edge jersey system and "if" the team managed to survive the last 38 years. The old Sens 3rd jersey does adapt their design quite well and I like the arm stripe that has been added.

Washington Capitals concepts (by Kyle C.)Cool concepts and after seeing this logo in blue and red I think it looks better this way. There's a few loose pixels around the logo on the blue jersey that could have been fixed. Other than that, these look good! Perhaps one star on each shoulder would work even better?