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August 31, 2010

HJC's All Time Jersey Tournament

That's right, I've decided to go ahead with the All Time Jersey Tournament based on the collages that were sent in. This may be a little too ambitious, but only time will tell.

More about the tournament in a bit. First, some stats about all of the submissions.

Leading the way with 7 selections each were Minnesota and Montreal
6 selections for: Los Angeles, Phoenix, St Louis, and All Star jerseys
5 selections for: Boston, Calgary, Columbus, Edmonton, Rangers, Toronto, and Washington
4 selectiong for: Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh, San Jose, and the Whalers!
3 selections for: Colorado, Ottawa, Tampa Bay, Vancouver and the North Stars!
2 selections for: Atlanta, Carolina, Dallas, Detroit, Nashville, Islanders, and Philly.
1 selection for: Florida, New Jersey, Cleveland, and Hamilton.

Where were the Detroit selections? And I also thought that the Flyers would be a little more popular?

Phoenix and LA near the top? Amazing!

Now on to the tournament!

I took the top 8 individual jersey selections...sort of. Some entries are a combination of Edge and pre-Edge jerseys. In the case of Montreal, they haven't changed much, but they have a conglomorate entry of 3 jerseys. You'll see and some of you may even disagree with my "combos", but there's no going back now!

With the 8th seed in the tournament...

The Calgary Flames (2003-present) - 3 selectionsI know some think that there is a major difference between these jerseys, obviously I'm not one of those people. I don't think the #1 seed is going to have much trouble with this jersey though.

7th: Phoenix Coyotes (2003-present) - 3 selectionsSome hem stripes, big deal! I personally chose the sweater without them.

6th: Montreal Canadiens (Dawn of time - present) - 3 selectionsYeah, they received 3 selections, but 3 different styles of the same jersey. Even though I loathe the Habs, I didn't want to be too biased. Thus, I entered them in the 6th seed with their massive sweater conglomerate.

5th: Los Angeles Kings (2008-present) - 3 selectionsThis jersey is ranked higher than the previous three because all three of its selections were for this particular style/cut/logo. I love this jersey but, I personally chose the Gretzky era design. Does a jersey with no hem stripes and no supporting sweater have a chance?

4th: New York Rangers (1996-2007) - 4 selectionsAnother duo of jerseys. Some may question me on this because they are different colours. However, they are the same design and logo and do keep the same colour scheme.

3rd: Washington Capitals (2007-present) - 4 selectionsWow, an RBK Edge jersey, that has non-typical hem striping and that doesn't follow any of the conventional jersey "rules" ranks 3rd. No fudging here, four selections for THIS red jersey came in. Can it continue its Cinderella run in the tournament?

2nd: Minnesota Wild (2000-2007) - 4 selectionsHard to argue with the placement of this jersey. It's a shame that the Wild ever got rid of it. Their new green alternate is very nice, but in the eyes of most it can't match up to this young yet classic sweater.

1st: Columbus Blue Jackets (2003-present) - 5 selectionsAmazing that the two youngest teams in the league occupy the top two seeds in this tournament. We will really see if they can hold up to the challenge of older, more established jerseys.

So, the first round matches pan out as follows;
1) Columbus vs 8) Calgary

2) Minnesota vs 7) Phoenix

3) Washington vs 6) Montreal

4) NY Rangers vs 5) Los Angeles

I'll post polls on the side of the page. The first round voting will run until Friday (unless this weekend is busy for me) then they'll run until next Monday. And if voting numbers are low and I'm put back into place then this tournament will go away and we will never talk about it again! I'm hoping for the first option.

August 30, 2010

Favourite Jerseys Concluded

This is the last entry in the HJC All Time Favourite Jerseys series. (Unless you got more, then send 'em in now!)

The last one comes from Connor.He's taken a little bit of a different approach and provided his favourite jerseys for each team! His choices are all over the board, which is a good thing. Hard to argue with his Original 6 choices. Interesting selections in my opinion are, the orange Isles', the late 90's Pens, the Canucks' gradient third, and the fact that he prefers Buffalo's black and red to royal and gold.

Thanks to everyone who has sent their choices in. We'll do more with everyone's selections coming up this week. I have visions of narrowing it down with a vote to see what the most popular jersey is. Next week, I want to get us started on the Worst Jerseys of All Time!

August 29, 2010

More Favourite Jerseys

I was sent in more All Time Favourite jerseys for the series and I will post a couple today.

The first comes from BrianTwo jerseys of note are the Bruins "Winnie the Pooh" jersey and the old Coyotes third. I personally don't mind that yellow B's sweater, but good thing that 'Yotes 3rd didn't last long. Also, Columbus' old 3rd jersey makes and appearance again!

The second collage comes from Joshua.Again we see the Pooh-bear Bruins' jersey! But really, Josh likes the old Tampa alternate?!?! Well, that's the one of a million people that you hear about! Haha, just joking. It's really cool to see what everyone likes.

Whenever this series wraps up, I'll put together some final thoughts. We'll see which jerseys were most popular and which didn't even show up on the radar.

If you want to send in your favourite all-time jersey collage, go over to and put one together. Then email to me at

August 27, 2010

Favourite Jersey of All Time

The Favourite Jerseys of All Time series continues today.

Stephan sent in his favourite jerseys.
Most of these are definately different from what I like to see on a jersey. But that's what makes this series so good. We get to see a different side. Stephan seems to prefer less traditional jerseys although Montreal and Chicago heritage threads do make appearances on his collage. Interesting choices include Dallas' "Mooterus", the "Buffa-slug" and Edmonton's current pajama jerseys. This one is sure to spark some debate. I have noticed that on the first three collages, Columbus has made an appearance.

Keep sending in your collages!

August 25, 2010

Favourite Jerseys of All Time

Continuing with the Fav Jerseys Of All Time series...

Here are Glen's favourite jerseys:Hard to argue with any of those choices. Maybe except for the Hamilton one.

I think we'll start to see a trend on what makes a jersey successful. Basic arm stripes and sometimes hem stripes. Maybe Reebok and the NHL should have done this exercise before designing the Edge jerseys.

Keep sending in your favourite jerseys!

August 24, 2010

Favourite Jerseys of All Time!

There's a great thread going on over at CCSLC about one's favourite hockey jerseys. Here is what I posted.Click on image to enlarge

Then I thought it would be great to post the same here!

So go over to and create a collage of your favourite jerseys. Send them in to and I will post them in an ongoing series.

August 23, 2010

Fragile Franchises Concepts

Today's concept post involved fragile franchises. As in, will they be in their current situation in 3 to 5 years? Probably not.

Glen kicks things off with this Nashville Predators jersey
Nashville Predators conceptEveryone hated the mustard yellow. Well, Glen has used a kinder shade of yellow from the mish-mash of colours in their crest. This could work if the Preds had a more simplified striping pattern. Bright, vibrant colours are trendy right now in the NHL, this could take advantage of that with a few tweaks.

Jack also made use of bright colours here.
New York Islanders conceptAgain, the previous orange Islanders jersey didn't go over very well (I liked them). Now with the current retro look that they have, maybe something a little brighter would suit them as a 3rd jersey. This still keeps the classic look with the striping, but is different enough to be a quality alternate.

It's about time the Panthers went back to red.
Florida Panthers conceptAfter Edmonton and Nashville, Florida have the worst jerseys in the league in my opinion. That usually means time to simplify and get back to your roots. There was nothing wrong with that original red jersey they had, but of course they had to change it with the Edge system. Well now everyone is fixing Reebok's mistakes and the Panthers should take a clue!

August 21, 2010

Boston, Calgary, Carolina & Johnny Canuck

Today I'll start with a simple concept from Jack.
Boston Bruins conceptHe's taken the awesome Winter Classic sweater from last season and altered the logo a bit. Nothing wrong with this jersey, but after seeing how awesome the Classic uni was, it's hard to top that.

Jack also sent in this variation of the Hurricanes 3rd jersey.
Carolina Hurricanes conceptHe's removed the gray and the shoulder patches. I'm not a huge fan of the Canes' 3rd to begin with. The one thing I do like about them is the shoulder patch. So, these jerseys just don't do it for me.

A lot of people despise the Flames' home and road jerseys. So, I tried to simplify them.
Calgary Flames conceptI got rid of the "piping to nowhere" and straightened out the arm stripes. I also simplified the hem of the sweater. I personally don't mind the current Calgary set, but this would be an improvement in my opinion.

To conclude, Jonathan sent in these killer Canucks logos!
Vancouver Canucks conceptVancouver Canucks conceptWouldn't these be awesome as alternates? If the Canucks would just switch their 3rd to their home and make a road white to match. Then they could use these as home and road alternates. Not seen since the days of the 98-99 Mighty Ducks! I love that shoulder patch. To me, it seems like a call back to the logo of the late 80's/early 90's.

August 19, 2010

West Coast concepts

With the Ducks confirming the release date of their new 3rd jerseys recently, I decided to post a concept. Not necessarily what I think it will look like.
Anaheim Ducks conceptIt plays on the alternate from 03-05. Simple arm stripes but with the Reebok Edge curving. Also, I always love when sleeve numbers are IN the arm stripes, so I did that here too.

The rest of this post belongs to Jack of Goal Line Design. Make sure to go check out his blog. From what I've seen, he updates everyday...sometimes twice.

His first concept is a little switch to the Kings alternate.
Los Angeles Kings conceptHe's downsized the amount of white on the sweater and up sized the silver. I still prefer the current 3rd, but this would be acceptable as well.

Next Jack sent in an awesome Thrashers concept.
Atlanta Thrashers conceptI love this jersey! This is a hundred times better than any of the three jerseys that they have now. It still has a slightly classic feel yet is not straight forward striping. The simplification of the colours is fantastic! Maybe there might be a white concept that we can see later?

That's all for now. Got a busy weekend filled with working, but hopefully I can get another post up.

August 16, 2010

Concepts to Feast Your Eyes On

Today we'll start with Jack from GLD. He sent in this great Minnesota Wild concept.
Minnesota Wild conceptI really do like that home jersey. Yet it would be pretty tough to top their current home sweaters. At least these Wild jerseys match. Time to take a hint Minnesota.

Tex submitted this Washington Capitals sweater.
Washington Capitals conceptThis one is a little too plain for me. Maybe if the stripes were more consistent? I think it would be neat to see the Caps use the vintage logo whenever they feel like introducing an alternate jersey.

The Caps Winter Classic opponent is the team generating the most jersey buzz. And so does this sweater from Stephan. (Sorry, bad joke)
Pittsburgh Penguins conceptStephan has brought back the Pittsburgh Hornets and placed their logo on the old Pirates jersey. I really like this idea. More on the Pittsburgh Hornets.

And while I have the chance, here is another Penguins Winter Classic vintage mash-up.
Pittsburgh Penguins concept

Sorry about the lack of new material recently, I've been working on PuckDrawn's current design contest. That's all for now.

August 11, 2010

Non-traditonal Hockey Markets Concepts

Love all the concepts that are trickling in. If you want to submit a concept and don't know where to start, click on the link for CREATE A JERSEY TUTORIAL on the left.

Tex sent in a batch of concepts recently. Included was this one for the Kings.
Los Angeles Kings conceptI like the black and purple colour combo for the Kings, always have. Again, not too sure on the gray shoulders. A note for people using Paint or (or something similar). Take a look at the collar on this concept. There are a couple of white pixels. These are very easy to miss when doing your concept. Check around corners and other lines to make sure that you do get those "renegade pixels".

Jack of GLD, sent in this Coyotes concept
Phoenix Coyotes conceptI love that alternate sweater! Maybe a bit too close to the Blackhawks, but I think Phoenix's colour lend themselves well to vintage looking jerseys. I also like the road whites. That shoulder yolke really sells me. On the other hand it loses me on the home sweater.

I wanted to do a concept that was really crazy. I might have gotten a little too crazy...
Atlanta Thrashers conceptWhat do you think? Too crazy? It's based off of the shoulder patch on their current 3rds.

That's all for now.

August 9, 2010

Sharks, Thrashers and Blue Jackets Concepts

It's great to see my inbox piling up with jersey concepts. Keep 'em comin!

Today I'll start with a Columbus Blue Jackets concept sent in by Tex.
Columbus Blue Jackets conceptI like the inclusion of gray in the sweater. There's not enough gray used properly in the NHL but, I think it might be better used on the sleeves rather than the shoulders. Also, because they are called the BLUE Jackets, I don't think they would wear a red jersey. What do you think? Comment at the bottom.

Next, Jack has redone the jersey set for the San Jose Sharks
San Jose Sharks conceptsI really like those alternates! That's a big improvement on what they wear now. I personally enjoy the small amount of orange that they currently use on their home and aways however, I do know that some also do not. You? Pro or anti orange?

To conclude, Brian submitted this Thrashers concept.
Atlanta Thrashers conceptI really like the striping pattern. It feels very 70's retro! I've never been too crazy about Atlanta's home sweater so I think this would be a step in the proper direction.

As always feel free to comment at the bottom of this post. Let these jersey designers know what you think about their concepts.

And send in your concepts. You can find the address to send them to at the top right of the page!

August 6, 2010

Create Your Own Jersey Help

I remember when I first came across Icethetics (NHLtol at the time). I was really excited to find such a thing and definitely wanted to get involved in creating jersey concepts. I had no idea where to find any of the resources I would need and unfortunately everyone was too far evolved to teach a newbie. Well now that I've been doing my concepts for a couple of years, I wanted to use a post and provide a lot of the resources I use/used in my concepts.

Before I do that let me share my FIRST EVER concept with you.
Anaheim Ducks conceptBooooo! I don't think that has the ability to suck anymore than it does!

Now, I am artistically challenged so I got all of my jerseys from this website: Athletic Knit
I would just copy logos and numbers on to those templates.

Some of you might be asking, "Where did you get your logos from?" Most probably already know about and if you didn't now you do. That may be the most valuable resource we have. Also, there is the Forums, which is a good place to recieve honest and sometimes harsh comments on your work. You can also see some really great work by some very talented people. If you follow some of the advice you can only get better.

What about those NHL Numbers? Well they used to be available on a Geocities site, but it is no more. So, I posted them in my Photobucket album here. Go and download them all! They all fit perfectly on to most of the templates on the web (and the ones I provide below). Here is another site with generic numbers that you can download.

Maybe you have a template where those numbers don't fit. Well then here is a site where you can download all the 4 major sports fonts for all the teams!!!! If you don't know how to install fonts on your computer, just Google it. It's not very difficult. Or just contact your local computer geek and they will be happy to assist you.

ColorWerx is a great site to get official team colours for all of your jerseys. I have linked to the NHL team colours, but that site has all sports!

Maybe you want to create a retro uniform? Or just need some jersey history? Well most of you already know about, but here's a link in case you didn't. Fantastic site for jersey history for every NHL team...ever!

Too start a jersey concept, you need a jersey template. Here are a few of the more popular ones on the web. (Be sure to save them in .png to preserve to quality)
Roger Clemente Hockey Jersey Template
Hockey Jersey Template
NHL Style Guide Template
Old CCM cut Template
There are a tonne more out there. A lot of them can be found at the Forum (commonly known as CCSLC) Also there, you will find templates for all of the NHL! When there, scroll down the whole page to find a bunch more goodies!

What program you use to create your jerseys is up to you. I do not recommend Paint on Windows because it's impossible to get the quality of the good concepts that you see across the net. However, if you feel most comfortable with Paint then use it.

I use a program called I don't find it complicated, but I have been using it for at least a year and a half now. Click on the link above, download the program and give it a try. It's open source so users are always adding their own plug-ins.

A couple more links that I am sure everyone who visits this site knows about. Icethetics & PuckDrawn.

A final reminder, try to save your work in .png format. Other than vector (which I don't work with) I find that it (.png) is the best quality.

To conclude, I would like to make HJC a good place for people to submit their new concepts. Free of cruel comments, but a place to get honest advice. As we've seen above, your first concept will probably suck, but just keep making them and you will get better.

Submit your new concepts to and I'll post them for feedback!

August 5, 2010

Concepts, Woo hoo!

I start today's concepts with a quick update to what I would do with Montreal's Heritage Classic sweater.
Montreal Canadiens Heritage Classic concept
That is all on the matter.

Tex sent in some more of his concepts. Two of which were these Atlanta Thrashers jerseys.
Atlanta Thrashers concept
Atlanta Thrashers concept
I'm not so sure about the shoulder yolkes, but I do like the arm striping. It has a 70's feel to it, which is great in a time of retro jerseys. However, the dark blue on the home jersey I would switch for their powder blue. I would like to see that logo take a more prominent role on their uniforms.

Next I created a Minnesota Wild sweater.
Minnesota Wild concept
I was inspired by the sublimated print on Team USA's and Russia's Olympic sweaters. I also really like the nature scene in the logo and I wanted to use it further.

To close out, Jack (Goal Line Design) did up a couple jersey sets;
Tampa Bay Lightning jersey set
...and I can't believe I'm posting this
Ottawa Senators jersey set
I like the striping on Tampa's home and road uni's. Ottawa's alternate reminds me of Team Canada's black alternate from earlier this decade.
Team Canada jersey
I usually like shoulder yolkes, but not on these Sens jerseys.

That's all for now. Feel free to comment and/or send in any concept art you may have.