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May 29, 2010

Blues and Heritage Classic

With the announcement that the Heritage Classic will be returning to Canada, of course I had to do concepts for the game. Well, really only one concept, you've seen that Habs one before. The logo is nothing special, but it's my best effort. Logos are not my specialty, although I do enjoy creating them.

If this can become a yearly tradition that would mean odds are good that the Maple Leafs could get their wish and have a Classic at BMO field.

Of course a Canadian team could never be in a Winter Classic. NBC might shit their pants! And as we all know NBC runs this league, that's why the Finals start tonight rather than mid-week. NBC preferred the NHL to be on this weekend and seeing as they will broadcast games 1,2,5, & 7 we have game 1 tonight.

I had this concept done a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to post it. Gotta love that Blues alternate logo. It of course is one of the last "circle logos" that is acceptable. I tried to incorporate their vintage stripes with a new font. I think it worked out well.

I probably won't have another post until Monday. Comments are always welcome.

Stanley Cup Finals concepts

Weekend post, just like I promised.

We start with a quick concept from Glen. Glen took the current Flyers 3rd and added their old alternate logo. I was never a fan of the Flyers using a black jersey and I was never a fan of that logo. However, others might have been. C&C?

One of the things I look forward to when the Cup is won are the championship hats and shirts. This season I did up a concept for both possible winners.

While rummaging through Google images over the years I have found some interesting merchandise that was probably supposed to be destroyed but never was.

The Devils lost to Colorado is 2001, but this hat says otherwise.
I thought the Penguins beat the Red Wings last year? NHL merchandisers must have been prepared either way.
Finally, a prop from the terrible movie The Love Guru starring Mike Myers.
I should be ashamed to admit that I stuck around for 2 hours after a Leaf game to be part of the crowd while they filmed a couple of scenes.

That's it for this post, I might have more later today. If not, then Monday. Comments and critiques are always welcome.

May 28, 2010

Winnipeg Jets concepts

It seems again that this summer will be flooded with rumours that the Coyotes will be moved to Canada. This year's select Canadian city, Winnipeg. Personally, I don't think the people of Winnipeg will pay the price of an NHL ticket consistently, but my opinion doesn't matter. Oh...wait this is MY site, and MY opinion does matter here!

A summer of Winnipeg rumours also means a summer of Jets concepts. Let it begin!

Glen came up with these.
He keeps the Jets in a very nice, simple, classic design. I can't see how Jets fans wouldn't be happy with these designs. No shoulder patches on this one, but if the Jets were to return to Winnipeg I would have to think they would bring back the Goals for Kids program.

I also have a Jets concept. I put them in red and changed their primary logo to a wordmark. Most don't like a wordmark, but it works for me here. I have a more classic-vintage logo for a future Jets concept. Which I'm sure we'll be seeing much more during this summer.

More this weekend. That's right, a weekend post!

May 25, 2010

Stanley Cup Final Predictions

Where did the conference finals go? I was busy with work for a week and then I turn on the TV and no hockey until Saturday?!?!?! It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make to see the Montreal Canadiens go home. I can only smile at the thought of all the misery in the plane last night during their trip home. Have fun cleaning out your lockers boys!

Anyways, as far as predictions go I guessed both Chicago and Philly. That brings my total score to 9 of 14 series correct, and I guessed the series length correctly 5 times of those 9 series.

2) Chicago vs 7) Philadelphia
Stanley Cup Final. At the beginning of the year The Hockey News predicted that the Flyers would win the Cup. But they change their pick like a baby changes its diaper. EA Sports NHL 10 did a playoff simulation and it said the Blackhawks would win Stanley's mug. For me, this series has a slight stench of sweep to it. However, these entire playoffs have been very unpredictable as far as series length goes.
PICK: Chicago in 5

I have reason to cheer for both teams in this series. If the Flyers win that preserves the longest time without a Cup for Chicago and saves the Leafs another embarrassing award. Yet, if the Hawks win then Ottawa will have finished last of all 16 playoff teams. Hmmm, worry about the ego of Leaf Nation or hope for Ottawa to suck even more?

Speaking of the Leafs and their Cup drought, here's a little history. Since 1967 The Flyers have been through the league as an expansion team and made the Cup Final 8 times (including this year). Of course, they won it twice (1974 & 75).
Chicago has made the Final 4 times, including this year. Their last appearance was against the Penguins who swept them in 1992. The Leafs... zero Cups, zero Final appearances! Go Leafs Go!

Moving on from that unpleasantness. The Winter Classic has turned out to be and bit of luck for one of the teams that participates. Each year a team from that game has made the Final. Pittsburgh 2008, Detroit 2009 and Philadelphia 2010. Of course, the two previous teams went on to lose the Cup Final, so maybe it's not so lucky.

On the topic of unlucky, will this be the third straight year that Marian Hossa loses in the Cup Final? Or will the third time be the charm?
2008 Pittsburgh
2009 Detroit
2010 Blackhawks

Whew, that was a long post, and no concepts! What a crock!

May 24, 2010

Montreal and Atlanta

I was trying to come up with something a little different on this Thrashers concept. It's inspired by baseball jerseys. Thin stripes, wordmark and/or logo on the front crest. Logo on the arm. I even tried to make the socks look like baseball socks.
Hit or miss? Comments welcome.
One of my favourite concepts is from one of my least favourite teams. I would love this as a vintage Canadiens jersey. They wore something similar at the Heritage Classic. This jersey is a mix of that and the vintage jersey they wore during the 1991-92 season. I've added a classic logo from the 1950's.

As always critiques and comments are welcome below.

May 21, 2010

EA Sports NHL11 logo

I got my first glimpse of the logo for the upcoming NHL 11 game from EA Sports.
It looks very similar to last year's. The letters are italicized and serifs have been added. This isn't huge news, but this is pretty much the only video game I play every year.

May 20, 2010

Old Jerseys New Again

I am slowly easing myself into the full body Reebok concept. My lack of any kind of artistic talent makes me scared to draw lines and other crazy things of that nature. So, to keep it simple I've done up a few concepts of old jerseys teams have had.

Edmonton Oilers
I would have preferred that Edmonton used this white version when they introduced their new 3rd jersey for the 08-09 season. I have one of these jerseys, with Gretzky on the back. Love the blue and orange colour combo. I wish they would go back to these colours full-time.

Pittsburgh Penguins
This is just the white version of their current 3rds. Maybe we'll see these jerseys if the Pens make a repeat appearance in the Winter Classic.

Toronto Maple Leafs
While this jersey doesn't stir up memories of past glory, it does look pretty good. The Leafs wore these sweaters during warmup one night last season and it has convinced em that it would be a good 3rd.

May 18, 2010

Winter Classic Concepts

This is a quick one here. It may be the last concept post using this template.

If Washington and Pittsburgh are to meet next at next year's Winter Classic here are a couple of throwback concepts for that game.

Washington Capitals
Pittsburgh Penguins (Pirates)

That is all.

May 17, 2010

New Style Concepts

This post actually has jersey concepts in it! Wow, what a crazy idea for a site called

To start things off, Glen wants the Sharks to ditch the orange in their jerseys and go back to the original jerseys they wore when they entered the league for the 1991-92 season.
Glen has kept the current logos, including shoulder patches and has switched the font to a slimmer more modern font (a la Washington or Buffalo). I would love to see this as a 3rd jersey, it would be much better than the plain black they have now. Glen, however would like to see a permanent switch to the old jerseys.

For these next concepts I've expanded my artistic abilities (which is extremely minimal to begin with). I've started doing concepts on the NHL used Reebok player template. This template is based off of Sidney Crosby's modeling of the new RBK Edge uni's during the 2008 All Star Game in Dallas.

1. Toronto Maple Leafs 1967 classic
I started with an easy jersey, but also my favourite jersey of all-time. I still would love to see this worn in a game at some point. Here I have Dion Phaneuf modeling it with his new captain's C. Dion has decided to switch hands and shoot right-handed next season.

2. Halifax Seamen (tee-hee)
A couple of posts back I displayed my Halifax Seamen concept for PuckDrawn's NHL Expansion Competition. So, the 2nd jersey concept I did was for their road yellows.

3. Detroit Red Wings
I also posted this jersey before. This time I've gone all out and created a whole concept kit. I still think this would work as a classic Red Wings 3rd. I don't think we'll ever see the day when the Wings have a full time alternate though.

That's it for now. Any comments or critiques of my use of the new tamplate, and Glen's work, are welcome.

May 16, 2010

3rd Round Playoff Predictions

In the second round I went 2 for 4. Both correct guesses I also managed to guess the length of the series correct. Although I never could've guessed Philly completing one of the, if not the biggest comebacks in NHL history.

That brings my total score to 7 of 12 series correct, with myself guessing the series length correctly 5 times of those 7 series.

7) Philadelphia vs 8) Montreal

Did the Flyers ever think that they would have home ice advantage in a series at all this year? Did they even think that they were getting out of round 2 after the third game? Unbelievably we have the bottom two seeds in the East playing each other in the Conference finals. Makes some feel like the regular season was a waste of time. I can never pick the Canadiens to win a series. I can also never support them. They will probably win this series (blah!), but I can not endorse them. Thusly, for no good reason I HOPE the Flyers win the series. Either way I think this one is going the distance.
PICK: Philadelphia in 7

1) San Jose vs 2) Chicago

For the last two rounds I have said that the Sharks will stir up performances of playoffs past and choke. This year appears to be different. They have still disappointed so many time though that I can not pick them to win this series. Chicago was in this position last year and knows what it takes to win. San Jose is still learning as they go what it takes to win. San Jose may have better goaltending, but I think Chi-town has the better defence unit. It may come down to Heatley/Thornton vs Toews/Kane.
PICK: Chicago in 6

May 15, 2010

NHL Vintage Jersey Program 2

Last time I did the Western Conference, this time is the East's turn.

New Jersey Devils
The Devils looked great on St. Patrick's Day when they wore their old red sweaters (1982-92). Why not bring in the white one and wear each 3 times a year in "Vintage games". This will never happen as Cpt. Lou is against any kind of alternate jersey. It must have been a big enough struggle to get them to wear vintage reds last March.

Pittsburgh Penguins
With a possible new third next season for the new arena, we may see something like this anyways. The Pens wore these between 1977-80 when they switched to black and gold mid-season. The navy and sky blue combo always looks tremendous. And whenever you can slap an 87 and the name Crosby on to some merch, it will sell.

Toronto Maple Leafs
I had to include my Leafs in my fantasy Vintage Jersey Program. These classics are probably too similar to what they will wear next season. Anything differences may be unnoticeable to an average fan. The blue sweaters were worn from 1958-67. The white sweaters are from 1938-58, but I did take some creative liberties with them. The whites never had a lace-up neck and never featured the blue outline around the crest.

May 13, 2010

NHL Vintage Jersey Program

Remember the 2003-04 season. The Lightning beat the Flames in an exciting 7 game Cup Final. There was uncertainty about the next season because of labour issues. The World Cup of Hockey was due to be played in September. And the NHL introduced the Vintage Jersey Program.
It included Boston, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Montreal, the Rangers, St. Louis, and Vancouver.

After the lockout, it disappeared. Why can't it come back. With the popularity of the vintage jerseys used in the Winter Classic, why can't other teams get in on the merchandising cash train?

I propose that the Vintage jersey program come back. I've done up vintage jerseys for 6 teams. These Vintage jerseys would be in the RBK Edge cut. Each team would have a home and road jersey.

Today I will post the Western Conference teams.

Chicago Blackhawks
Changes are two extra stripes on each arm. Along with a larger shoulder patch on the sleeves. Numbers contain no black or white trim and there are laces on the solid black collar.

Dallas Stars
I thought about giving these jerseys to the Wild, but this is Dallas Stars' lineage. This is a replica of the jerseys they wore between 1989-1991. The North Stars lost the Cup Final in these jerseys 4-2 to the Penguins.

Phoenix Coyotes
There is a lot of demand for hockey in Winnipeg these days. That's likely not happening for a few years at least. So, I gave Phoenix some throwback Jets jerseys to wear. These are John Ferguson's failed Rangers design that he brought to Winnipeg. The Jets sported these gems from