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January 29, 2010

Flyers, Leafs, Penguins and Red Wings

After a very busy week at work, I finally have some new concepts to post.

I'll start with a Detroit Red Wings set that I modified at little to conform to the RBK Edge jerseys.Second, what if the Flyers kept their original Edge template and applied it to an orange uniform? Maybe it would look like this.A slight modification to the Leafs' jersey.Took the Penguins 1980 jersey and RBK Edge'd it.

January 20, 2010

4 New Concepts

Tonight I start with something I don't often do. A WHL concept. This one is of the Calgary Hitmen.Basic jersey template, but I have changed the font.

Now, a Canucks uniform that many people across the internet would like to see become the road jersey.
A Los Angeles Kings concept that takes the current third jersey and makes it into a road jersey.
To finish off I have taken an old Rangers jersey from the late 40's and made it white and changed the striping slightly.

January 15, 2010

Buffalo Sabres 2010-11 Concept. Flyers Winter Classic Change

Sabres' management has stated in several interviews that the "Buffa-slug" will be disappearing next season. People in Buffalo love the original look. With that in mind, I went ahead and created two new jerseys for them in this concept.

We start with the third jersey which will be sticking around. It may become the new home sweater.Next I made a white version of it.It is similar to the Winter Classic jersey. The differences are, the new Buffalo navy blue. No yellow piping around the shoulder yolke and the thin gray stripes that are on the current third. Finally, I made the collar yellow instead of blue.

A new jersey will also be added to the mix, either as a new home or alternate. I went ahead and made an alternate. Careful, this one is a little off the beaten path.There it is, my Buffalo Sabres 2010/11 concept. We will revisit this in the summer when the actual jerseys are released.

On another very minor note. I noticed this about a month ago when Winter Classic jerseys were in stores for Christmas. The neck inserts were orange instead of black, as seen in the original release and promo photos.
Then the game was played and I realized that it was a legitimate change. The NHL probably thought that their logo didn't stand out enough.

January 12, 2010

Phoenix Coyotes concept

I was playing around with some Phoenix Coyotes concepts and I came up with this piece of crap.I was trying to work with their Winnipeg past. Obviously, that didn't work. This looks like a house league jersey. I scraped that idea and tried again.

I decided I'd keep with their current colour scheme and re-work the striped and piping. I came up with this Coyotes concept.After making that jersey I needed to make a road white.The most noticeable piece is the name bar. In my opinion, that should just be a characteristic of the Flyers' home jersey. It just seemed to fit with this sweater though. If this sweater were ever to be made, I would say leave the name bar off.

The next logical step is a third.I tried to go a little more classic here. The shoulder patch (a re-work of their current shoulder patch) moves to the front of the jersey.

Now I will eat dinner.

January 8, 2010

Just Some Jerseys Laying Around

I was rummaging through my folder of concept jerseys and came across some that I had not posted. These aren't necessarily good, just not posted.

First, I have a couple concept Boston Bruins jerseys. A yellow concepts with less "vintage" than the Winter Classic and a modified logo.

Second, is a possible white alternate using the Winter Classic logo (no "vintage white" or "Boston brown"). New yellow shoulders and numbering here.

Ottawa's current third has a wordmark on it. Even though it seems to be unanimously bashed across the net, fans in Ottawa buy it like it's going out of style. So I made a red Sens concept with a wordmark.

Dallas loves stars and loves Texas. So on this concept, I gave them a star. They can figure out the Texas part on their own.

Finally, with the Olympics approaching I came up with these home and away Team Canada concepts.

January 5, 2010

Winter Classic Idea

Rumours as far as next year's Winter Classic are suggesting that we may possibly get two outdoor games. The second being held in Calgary. Thusly, I came up with a concept for the game.

First up, the event needs a logo.

Next, we have the hometown Calgary Flames and their retro jersey.

Their opponents, the Vancouver Canucks.

Last, a venue must be chosen and it seems the only option is McMahon stadium.

And the ice must be painted.

That is all, I have nothing more.

Summit Series 72 Rinks

This may be my dumbest post yet and a colossal waste of time on my part, but here are images I did of the ice from the 4 home games Canada had in the '72 Summit Series.

Game 1 - Montreal

Game 2 - Toronto

Game 3 - Winnipeg

Game 4- Vancouver

January 2, 2010

Winter Classic Rink and Maple Leaf Gardens and the NHL in Hamilton

So, I went 17 for 23 on my Team Canada predictions. Not bad seeing as I thought they would bring 8 defencemen instead of 7. Goalies were pretty easy to pick. I was surprised by Drew Doughty's selection, but also looking forward to seeing what he can do.

Over at the forum on, I posted a quick concept for a NHL team in Hamilton.

Just fantasy, not logical.

Also, I put together this graphic of the 2010 Winter Classic ice surface.

I used the to-scale image for here.

Finally, I also drew up the ice surface from Maple Leaf Gardens during the 1993 playoffs.