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A Whole Assortment of Concepts

The winner of the first Concept of the Week (Dec 6-12) is Tex! Go to the COMP. CHAMPS tab to check out his winning retro Penguins concept.

I'll start us off with a concept today
New Jersey Devils conceptI know the Devils will most likely never have a third jersey with Captain Lou at the helm, but here's a good option if they ever did choose to employ an alternate sweater. I've had that NJ logo on my computer for years and I think it's a good option for a secondary crest.

Stephan is next...
Toronto Maple Leafs conceptThis is a real mish-mash of eras! Actually a friend of mine ordered a blank jersey and a loose patch and actually did make himself a jersey that looked like that top one.

Colorado Avalanche conceptTex sent this one in. He takes the current third, switches some colours and adds some much needed hem stripes. If the Avs added hem stripes to their alternates it could be right up there with some of the best.

Lastly, here is the first of many upcoming Ducks concepts by Brian.
Anaheim Ducks conceptYou really don't see triangle shaped shoulders anymore. Maybe they can make a comeback when the current retro phase is done? With all the buzz around the return of the old Ducks logo (albeit on a shoulder patch) maybe we'll start to see more merchandise use it? It does seem to be the only good thing about the Ducks new third.
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Shaun said...

The Devils aren't likely to have an alternate jersey but they have worn the old green and red jersey from the 1980's on recent special occasions. And now it's in stores for us to buy. What a surprise.

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