Red & Black Attack Concepts

Just a quick thanks to those who voted in the what do you like about HJC poll. Good news, only 3 people thought HJC sucks!

Jack sent in these really cool Hurricanes concepts.
Carolina Hurricanes conceptsI like the hurricane flags on the bottom of the sweaters. It's something different from what we've seen.

Jack also sent in these Blackhawks concepts
Chicago Blackhawks conceptsJack took their current thirds and removed the vintage wheat and replaced it with nice clean white. Then he added a white road jersey. I like that one.

Staying with the Blackhawks, Tex sent in his concept
Chicago Blackhawks conceptsTex went the other direction and added the vintage wheat. I like those thin lines near the shoulders. Also notice the addition of green on the alternate jersey.

Finally, Tex concluded his Original Six concept crusade with this Detroit Red Wings concept
Detroit Red Wings conceptsI think everyone wants to see that old English D logo on some sort of alternate jersey. I'm not a huge fan of the addition of black, but I do like the striping.

We also wrapped up our first weekly poll asking how many goals Steve Stamkos will score this year. 33% said he will score 50 in 50 plus more! 29% said 50-59 goals. 25% said 60-69 and 3 people said he would score 70 or more goals this year.

We will review all of these polls at the end of the season. Be sure to vote in this week's poll! Also remember to get in your Nashville Predators re-designs before Tuesday at midnight. Or send in any other concepts you may have to;
Red & Black Attack Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on December 06, 2010 Rating: 5


Goal Line Design said...

very nice to see 0 votes for cry-baby-crosby

Anonymous said...

Get real moron, he's better than ovechkin could ever dream to be

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Crosby vs Ovechkin. Gretzky's got this, hands down.

Tex said...

Crosby's not a crybaby anymore, maybe a few years ago, but not anymore. besides Gretz and Mario are the two best.

Tex said...

By the way, nice Canes jerseys Jack.

Brad said...

I vote for Jack's Canes!

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