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Preds Re-Design

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Voting closes at midnight on Saturday (EST)

Preds Re-Design Reviewed by Ryan on December 08, 2010 Rating: 5


Brad said...

Nice work everyone! If i had to choose it would be Ryan's Pattern, alternate colours and Jack's Font. Toss in blender and voila!

Goal Line Design said...

ryan, i love your jerseys. I think i would switch the outside boarder of your shoulders to the inside. it would also make room for your jerseys to be higher. other than that, awesome. Love the loss of silver and new font.

Glen said...

Ryan (sorry GLD) : If you make the numbers the right font and put the grey back in, you have a winner. Right now it looks a bit much like STL. At least you resisted the temptation to use the third as a template.

Tex said...

Hey Glen, did you GLD used a ...
CIRCLE LOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glen said...

Tex: That's why I didn't vote for him :P

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