Penguins Concepts & A New Idea!

I thought of a great way to try and keep the concepts rolling in (which isn't a problem) and keep challenging people to get better! Concept of the Week!Any concept that gets posted on the site during a Monday-Sunday period is eligible. Any concepts that get great reviews in the comments section will be put up to vote on for the title of Concept of the Week. Also great concepts that I think have a chance to win will also be part of the vote. This will also encourage people to leave comments and feedback on the concepts! We'll start this week, that means the four concepts from yesterday are eligible.

Tex sent in these Pittsburgh Penguins concepts
Pittsburgh Penguins conceptsPittsburgh Penguins concepts
For me, the blue sweaters look a little too much like the Blues' jerseys. The yellow sweaters...well you can't go wrong right now with that design. I guess that's why they sell those jerseys currently. I was actually surprised to not see a yellow Winter Classic jersey this year.

Staying with the Penguins I did up this concept
Pittsburgh Penguins conceptObviously it's based on the '93 road jersey. I tried to make the wordmark on the front similar to the '67 sweaters. The font on the back is their current font.

Brian sent in this green Canucks concept
Vancouver Canucks conceptBrian took out the grey from the Johnny Canuck logo to give it a more vintage feel. I like this and would really like to see Vancouver go with a green alternate. Here's a look at Brian's logo alterations.

So remember, from now on if you see a concept that you think is deserving of the title Concept of the Week, leave a comment as such.

Also remember that tonight at midnight Eastern is the deadline for the Preds re-design.

Penguins Concepts & A New Idea! Reviewed by Ryan on December 07, 2010 Rating: 5


Tex said...

Wow, concept of the week, great idea ryan!

Will said...

I love those 2 Penguins concepts, by whatever his name is

Brad said...

good idea. all for it! all concepts are cool. i like your pens jersey Ryan. Simple. Wearable. Personally, I don't like the powder blue.

Goal Line Design said...

ryans black pens, concepts of the week

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love those yellow penguins jerseys

Anonymous said...

I love the penguins home jersey by Tex. Not sure about the away one, kinda looks like St Louis. Also I love the black and gold one with Pittsburgh diagonaly across the front

Tex said...

Wow, I fell honored now that I've acheived " What's his name" status. love Ryan's Pens jersey.

Brian said...

No love for my Vancouver concept??

Brian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam said...

love those yellow pens jerseys, like the blue, but not as much.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those gold Pens concepts, really like the Flames jerseys.

Anonymous said...

loved the black pens jersey

sam said...

someone should make a penguins jersey that looks like the senators alternate that says pens on the front

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