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A New Week

With the holidays, we might all be a little busier with less time for things such as HJC. So, this week might be a little slower on traffic and updates.

I'll start today by mentioning that the vote is now up for Concept of the Week - Dec 13-19. Left side of the page and it runs until Thursday (11:59 EST)

Also, last week's weekly poll wrapped up and 34% (25 votes) said that Quebec City should be the next recipient of an NHL franchise.As long as the Canadian government holds up it's end of the deal and contributes the money for a new arena, then I don't see why this won't happen.

Finishing in a very close 2nd was Winnipeg with 31% (23 votes). I would have a few concerns about Winnipeg. Is the corporate community big and rich enough that they could support the team? As far as the fans go, they were given several pre-season games over the past five or so years, all featuring Canadian teams and/or the Coyotes (former Jets) and they did not sell out some of them. That was a huge thing for Winnipeg to prove it was serious about an NHL team.

I also want to point out that Gary Bettman's suspected "preferred" cities (Kansas City and Las Vegas) finished at the bottom of this poll. They had a combined 8 votes!

This week's poll runs along the same theme as the very popular greatest player of all-time poll. I'm asking who you think the greatest goalie of all time is. Vote on the right side of the page. Runs until Sunday (11:59 EST)

Now, for some crazy jerseys.

Stephan sent this in.
Dark Side of the Moon conceptIt would be interesting to see if this would sell during Rogers Waters' (Pink Floyd) Canadian performances this year.

Brad brought this to my attention.I don't think HJC readers would have voted the Lady Liberty jersey as greatest jersey of all-time if this was part of the set. Who made this and why?!?!?!
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