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My Jersey Collection

Here's my personal jersey collection:- Of course it's Leafs heavy!
- Can you spot the THREE Chinese knock offs?
- There are 3 jerseys missing, a 2003 Leafs white jersey(#14 STAJAN), Buffalo 40th anniversary jersey, and Chicago's alternate.
- Next on the jersey hit-list: Vancouver's 40th anniversary jersey, LA Kings 2010-11 throwback, Penguins Winter Classic, and Boston's Winter Classic (starting to become hard to find)

If this interest you at all, you can find solo pics of all my jerseys HERE.

Want to show off your jersey collection? Send in a photo and description to;
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Glen said...

You have a White Liberty jersey? I'm SOOOO jealous!

Can you will it to me? :P

Connor Hanley said...

both pens jersey's and the flames jersey. wheres my cookie.?

I'll send you a link to my photobucket album of all of my jersey's when i get pictures of them all.

Connor Hanley said...

also, where in the HELL did you get that ace Bailey all star game uni?

Ryan said...

Pens jerseys ARE knockoffs. Flames jersey is NOT a knockoff. ACE jersey is one of those wool, heritage, Roger Edwards sweaters. Got it last year as a birthday gift.

Glen said...

I'm actually thinking the missing fake is the White Liberty

Ryan said...

Negative, the white Lady Liberty is NOT a fake. Was purchased in 1999. Starter made it!

Connor Hanley said...

it's the team canada one. collar looks off.

Ryan said...

Which Team Canada one?

Connor Hanley said...

the 2010 olympic one

Ryan said...

Correct, the 2010 Olympic jersey is the other knock off.

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