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A Most Merriest of Christmases...or whatever you may celebrate

The presents are unwrapped, the turkey is eaten, a family member has had too much wine and said something inappropriate. Ah, the holidays! Under my tree, the wife left me a Calgary Flames Heritage Classic jersey! She then had to listen as I talked to her for 10 minutes about how the jersey was a hybrid of Edge and old CCM jerseys. She also had to listen to how awesome it was that there was no Reebok Jock Tag on the front hem of the jersey! I concluded my lesson by informing her that Jersey City is having a 40% off boxing day sale tomorrow and I was going to buy TWO jerseys! It's a toss up between Buffalo's 3rd, Chicago's 3rd, Minnesota's 3rd and Pittsburgh's Winter Classic. Any suggestions? Anyone else get a jersey for a gift?

That's enough about me...not really. Here's a throwback mash up concept I did.
Toronto Maple Leafs conceptMy prediction is Toronto getting the 2013 Heritage Classic versus Ottawa and I was wondering if they would do a straight up throwback or a vintage mash up like this?

Colorado Avalanche conceptJack sent this in. Funny, the Avs are one of the teams I get the least amount of concepts for. This is a nice streamlined version of their pre-Edge jerseys. Odd, isn't that what Reebok was trying to do?

Washington Capitals conceptWhen I do a Caps concept I try to resist the urge to use the "Weagle" as the main crest. I know that others will do that for me. Plus, the Caps' logo is one of the few wordmarks that works as a main crest. Is this too stripe heavy?

Buffalo Sabres conceptThis is from Tex. I am still unclear if the Sabres are keeping their current fauxbacks for next season. If they don't come back will we see another new Buffalo jersey? I would like something like this, except for the white shoulders. Other than that, good stuff.

I left a lot of questions so feel free to comment... then tell your friends to comment...then make sure they tell their friends...eventually it will get back around to you and you can comment again!
A Most Merriest of Christmases...or whatever you may celebrate Reviewed by Ryan on December 25, 2010 Rating: 5


Glen said...

Just a thought. Rather than archiving past Concept of the Week winners under the "Comp Winners" tab, what about under the "Concept of the Week" tab, That way, you can view the current concept that is being voted on, as well as past winners. It'd be like a "one-stop shop for all your COTW needs"

Tex said...

Any pictures of the jersey?

Ryan said...

Good point Glen

Goal Line Design said...

santa ordered the riped-off chineese leafs jersey i helped with. (http://goallinedesign.blogspot.com/2010/11/original-gld-concept-produced-in-china.html)

hasnt come yet but ill be sure to post pictures!

go with buffalo or chicago!!

Tex said...

Any pictures of the Flames jersey without the ree-box? By the way, what's wrong with white shoulders? I like white shoulders.

Buffalo or Minnesota.

Will said...

good idea glen, the striping is a little too heavy, but love the caps jersey anyway, that and the sabres jersey 4 concept of the week.

Brad said...

i agree with Glen. Ryan, i nominate your leafs design for JOTW and think you sould go with the Winter Classic Pens. i got a dark North Bay Centennials circa 1990's. Game worn #11. rare.

Glen said...

Chicago 3rd.

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