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December 30, 2010

A Jersey Collection

I'll start with a couple of concepts that Tex sent in.
Buffalo Sabres conceptPhiladelphia Flyers conceptThese are road white versions of concepts that Tex sent in earlier this month. BUF PHI

Here's a quick international concept I did a while back.
Team Russia conceptIt's based on their 1972 uniforms that they wore during their 8 game series against Canada. I wish there were more opportunities for international teams to wear throwback and third jerseys, because who REALLY watches the World Championships when the playoffs are on?!?!?!

Trevor sent in his jersey collection! Who better to describe it to you then Trevor himself;
Mine is CBJ heavy because that's my team. I have so many because hockey jerseys are by far my favorite article of clothing, next to hoodies! No American hockey fan's jersey collection is complete without the 1980 jersey, of course I have both home and away. I got the Canada practice jersey at a re-sale shop mainly for Nash. And I've always been a fan of Boston and the Whalers, love the New England area. My OSU jersey is tribute to Umberger. And I'm always a fan of the diagonal word script, my fiancée is from Pennsylvania so the Pens jersey is more for her then me
Got a jersey collection? Send a pic and a story to;


Tex said...

Now that's my kind of collection, Ohio State, Penguins, and USA.

Glen said...

Was misspelling "jersey" in the title intentional?

Ryan said...


Connor Hanley said...

I just gotta pull out 2 jerseys outta storage and then I'll send pic of em all in

Goal Line Design said...

cccp jersey for concept of the week