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Hey everyone. Sorry about the lack of concepts the last couple of days. Holiday season makes it busy at work. Now enough complaining, on to the concepts!

Jack sent in these Flames jerseys
Calgary Flames conceptI like these, but for me there are no other options than the classic sweaters of the 80's. These are good jerseys though, they remind me of the Penguins alternates from the early 2000's...that's a good thing.

The next sweaters are also from Jack.
Anaheim Ducks conceptJack has created his own (hrrmmm!) circle logo for the Ducks jersey. The striping is also a simplified version of the current elaborate stripes. The "D-foot" logo is used as the shoulder patch here.

Tex sent in a theory
Columbus Blue Jackets conceptsTex thinks, seeing as the Jackets wore their new 3rd jersey for their four most recent home games (going 0-4) that they are leaning towards using the cannon sweater full time. Thus he has submitted a road version of the jersey. I like it, but I don't think we are going to see a vintage white jersey as a road sweater in the NHL anytime soon. That's because of the rule that one team must be in a colour and the other in WHITE. I assume the NHL would call "wheat" a colour, not white.

Finally, I was looking ahead to next season and I believe I heard that the Islanders will have a new 3rd jersey next season.
New York Islanders conceptI took a look at jersey trends and thought about what Islanders fans want to see on their jerseys and I came up with the above concept. I based the front of the jersey off of a concept that Brain sent in a long time ago.
New York Islanders concept

That's it for now. Remember to comment on a concept if you want to nominate it for Concept of the Week!
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