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Glen's NHL Rebrand Part II

This week's rebrand features some new logos, a mash-up jersey, and the return of a jersey that no one wanted to see again.

BUFFALO: I was hoping to replace the Slug with this rebrand, but the Sabres beat me to it. I didn't have to do much. I removed the useless silver piping and the much maligned "pit-stains" from the home and road jerseys. I also put the "B-sword" logo back on the shoulders. For the third, I used the logo from the team's old red third jerseys, but recoloured it in blue and gold. I used royal blue for the jersey, but added the navy shoulder yoke of the home jersey.

CALGARY: Basically I just returned the team to their pre-Edge glory, using the jerseys that the team wore on its trip to the '04 Cup Finals. The shoulder logo is the flame from the horse logo's forehead. The third jersey is a cleaned-up version of road jersey that the team wore from 1995-2000. Though many people dislike this jersey, after I straightened out the hem stripes it provides a nice change from the 80's jersey.

CAROLINA: I wish that I could have brought back the Whalers, but sadly that wasn't an option. I just did a few minor changes. I removed the "phantom shoulder yoke" from both the home and road. I made the storm flag logo the primary, and relegated the "flushing toilet" logo to the shoulders and the third jersey.

Next week's teams are Chicago, Colorado, and Columbus.

Glen's NHL Rebrand Part II Reviewed by Glen Cuthbert on December 09, 2010 Rating: 5


Tex said...

I really like those Flames jerseys.

Connor Hanley said...

glens flames set for concept of the week

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