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Glen's NHL Rebrand Part I

At long last, the first part of my rebrand has been released. The rules were simple: Because I'm not very good with Illustrator, I was not allowed to make any new logos for any teams, but I could alter any existing logos from that team's history. You'll see what I mean with later teams.

My main goal of this rebrand was to "un-Edge-ify" the NHL, so home jerseys are once again white. I will hopefully be revealing these on a weekly basis. I will begin with Anaheim and proceed in alphabetical order to Washington.

ANAHEIM: I wanted to go back to the old eggplant and jade colours while keeping the team from being to "Disneyish." I kept the current chest logo and striping, and added the duck mask to the shoulders and third jersey. I used jade as the main colour for the third, and the numbers and lettering remain the same as the current jerseys

ATLANTA: I was seven years old when the Thrashers first came into the league in 1999. The biggest thing that stood out to me was flying thrasher logo, which I always thought was the bird's head, not its back, for some reason. I brought the "T-bird" back, and placed him on the chest of the home and roads. For the third, I found a gem of a logo that the Thrashers have never used on a jersey. Baby blue has been completely removed from the Thrashers colour scheme.

BOSTON: This was probably the easiest of all my teams in the rebrand. Simply put, the current Bruins jerseys are nearly perfect. The only changes that I made were making the shoulder yoke on the white jersey yellow (as it has been for most of Bruins history) and replacing the third jersey with the Winter Classic jersey, but swapping the logos with the current third.

Glen's NHL Rebrand Part I Reviewed by Glen Cuthbert on December 01, 2010 Rating: 5


Will said...

woah and just when i thought the ducks couldnt get any uglier!

Goal Line Design said...

so far so good.

Ducks: love the 3rd, jersey, colors, and logo the most. should of done something new with the home and road jersey designs though.

Thrashers: the home and road are nice with the simple jerseys and new logo. (maybe take the baby blue of the new logo)I love the logo on the alternate but maybe a new design to separate it from the other jerseys.

Bruins: not much to say. well done

over all good job. exited to see the rest!

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