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December 31, 2010

COTW Winner and Classic Delay

This week's Concept of the Week goes to Glen! Check out the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab for his winning entry and other past winners.

It was announced tonight that the NHL's mid season spectacle, the Winter Classic, has been postponed until 8pm (originally a 1pm start). Check out THIS news release. It seems to have potential to be a massive disaster if bad weather persists.

It also poses a massive conflict for the die hard Leafs fan, such as myself. Do I watch the traditional Leafs Saturday night game on Hockey Night in Canada? Or do I watch the Winter Classic as I do every year? Interestingly, both games are scheduled to be on Hockey Night in Canada. One will probably be available on TV and the other online. Which goes where though?

EDIT: Caps and Pens practiced today on the ice surface at Heinz Field. Here's the Caps posing for the team photo in their Winter Classic jerseys.


Anonymous said...

Because I bleed blue, I will be actively watching the Leafs game tonight... but I'm sure the winter classic will be playing in the background on my laptop.

Ryan said...

I've decided that I will be doing the same.