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Tex wasn't a fan of the new Ducks' 3rd jersey, neither was I. Was anyone? Either way, he has sent in a concept to improve the sweater.
Anaheim Ducks conceptIt's not bad, but I'm not a fan of the black running up the sides and out onto the arms then changing into orange. I do prefer that logo as a shoulder patch also.

Last week Brad sent in some great Blues retro concepts. Now he has sent in a third jersey for that set!
St Louis Blues conceptThis looks great! I'm a big fan of the darker blue on St Louis' sweaters.

Keeping with the Blues, Jack sent in this Blues set.
St Louis Blues conceptsI like the classic simplicity of it. It would be interesting to see how those vertical stripes would look when a player is wearing the jersey.

Stephan got out his blender and threw in the 1927 Maple Leafs and the 1980's Leafs. When the blade stopped turning here's what came out.
Toronto Maple Leafs conceptNothing wrong with the style of the jersey. Just a couple of things, first the blue and green encroaches on the Canucks a but too much. Second, the green would be hard to see, I think it needs a white outline.

I'll conclude today with Tex who sent in this Nordiques concept.
Quebec Nordiques conceptI don't know why I like this jersey but I do. Maybe it's the logo on the arms? This would be a good alternate if the Nords were still around. This just would be the wrong time to release it with the two shades of blue and all of the anger directed at the Blue Jackets when they did that last week.

Re-design competition...
I will decide either tonight or tomorrow during the day what team we will be re-designing. Continue to leave comments and let the concept artists know what you think about their jerseys. Also, let HJC know what team you want to re-design next.
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Goal Line Design said...

nashville redesign

Tex said...

Nashville, maybe Atlanta, or the Avs?

Brad said...

'Canes...Preds...Avs...Bring it on! Haha!

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