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Christmas Eve Day Concepts

These concepts have nothing to do with Christmas, it was just an easy title... anyways!

Start with the Concept of the Week for December 13-19, which was won by Brad and his Boston Bruins concept. Go check it out on the COMP CHAMPS page.

Anaheim Ducks conceptBrian has done something completely different here while managing to stick to the successful hockey jersey rules. He's used the Duck crest from the Disney movie, The Mighty Ducks and the jersey is gold!

Anaheim Ducks conceptBrian finishes up his Duck crusade with this one. We see this one a lot with Ducks jerseys, the mashing of eras. This one looks good. I like thin yellow line on the cuffs as it seems to give the colours more life. Ever since that awful third jersey came out people always seem to want to put the old Duck logo on the jerseys. Is the retro phase getting out of control or is it actually a better logo?

Tampa Bay Lightning conceptI always find it difficult to be creative with Lightning jerseys. Tex has tried here, but for me this misses the mark. Gotta love the effort though. I think the Lightning just need a better logo!

San Jose Sharks logoJack took the old pre-Edge alternate and Edgefied it. He also updated it with thin hem stripes and the new logos.

That's all. Leave an opinion or if you like a jersey, nominate it for Concept of the Week.
Christmas Eve Day Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on December 24, 2010 Rating: 5


Tex said...

I know, the Lightning have nothing good to work with.

Brian said...

I'm nominating my own concepts for concept of the week.

Will said...

Tex's Avs for concept of the week,and
Brian's purple Ducks jersey.

Ryan said...

10-4 on Brian's jersey. Unfortunately for Tex, that jersey was last week...sorry.

Goal Line Design said...

glens green stars!!!

ps merry christmas to everyone

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