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By Popular Demand...

... the Blades of Steel concept project has been blown up and sent packing. Moving into it's old room is good old classic re-design competitions!
Sorry to those who put their time into the concepts (all 3 of us) but when something isn't working you gotta move on. And do you know what does work? NHL concepts!!!

But what team do we start with? We've done Anaheim, Edmonton, Florida, and Dallas. I'll announce the next team sometime in the next 3 days (aka "when I get a chance). Here's your chance to have a lot of input. What team would you like to re-design? Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we'll do the most popular choice!

Rules will be simple this time around.

1. You may do as many or as few sets of jerseys as you like for the chosen team (ie Home/Away/3rd/Heritage/Sunday golds etc.)

2. Make sure that you submit a look at the front and backs of the jerseys.

3. Include a description either on the concept or in the email that you send me.

4. Make sure that all of your concepts are in ONE image. Please don't send me a bunch of images, it's much easier and cleaner to just use one.

5, ANY template is accepted. You don't have to stick to Reebok Edge style. Click on the "TEMPLATES" tab for others.

With the next re-design there will be a small prize. Whoever wins will have an entire post dedicated to their work or website or whatever they want to talk about.

To recap, Blades of Steel out...classic re-designs in! There aren't many rules with the new redesign competition so they will be strictly enforced! You can do ANYTHING with your concepts, just make sure when it comes time to vote yours is the most popular! (Yes this is a popularity contest). So leave a comment and tell all the HJC readers what team we will be re-designing!!!!
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Brad said...


Tex said...

Pittsburgh Penguins, come on lets fix those uniforms!

Brad said...

Florida or Carolina

Brad said...

oops. Carolina.

Ryan said...

Sorry Brad, I think you and me were the only ones interested in the Blades of Steel comp.

Brad said...

I'm 33. I used to play it :)

Tex said...

Carolina would be OK, but the Pens need a serious redesign.

Ryan said...

Here you go Brad...try this out


Goal Line Design said...

thrashers? idk mby flames?

Glen said...


Brad said...

'Canes honoring Whalers? Using both palettes?

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