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Bruins, Canucks, and CFL?!?!?

I recently got a great batch of hockey jersey concepts. But they aren't of hockey teams. Many of you probably don't know/watch the CFL (Canadian Football League). Myself included...and I'm Canadian! A couple of years ago, in conjunction with Reebok and the Roger Edwards brand, they brought out retro CFL hockey jerseys...Jonathan was inspired by these jerseys and sent in his own Saskatchewan Roughriders hockey jersey concepts!
Saskatchewan Roughriders conceptsThe jerseys on the left are the Riders actual logo and the one's on the right are Jonathan's own logos.

Jack took that awesome shade of brown that the Bruins wore at the Winter Classic and has applied it to their current home and roads.
Boston Bruins conceptThis looks pretty good and would be a nice change. It would be hard to change though because the Bruins have such great jerseys now.

How long will it be before the Canucks start using the "stick-in-rink" logo full time? I say give it a couple of years. Jack has sent in a concept as to what those jerseys could possibly look like.
Vancouver Canucks concept

This is a bit of a stretch, but I was trying to come up with a completely original Flyers jersey while sticking to hockey sweater traditions and keeping in mind the original thinking when the Flyers jerseys were created in 1967. That was to represent speed.
Philadelphia Flyers conceptMaybe not to be well received, but at least it's different.

A couple of quick hockey notes...

I was at the Leafs-Bruins game last night in Toronto. Was that save by Timmy Thomas in OT, not one of the best you've seen in the last 3-5 years?!?!?!
Check out the save HERE.

Also, for all of you EA Sports NHL series fans, listen to THIS podcast where they explain how and why jerseys are included/excluded from the game. After the first 20 minutes it's all rubbish!

Let everyone know what you think about the jerseys, the save, anything...leave a comment below.
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Brad said...

CFL jerseys rock. Awesome idea. Listened to game. Thomas is the Vezina winner. Hand it to him now. Good idea with flyers, maybe tweaked it would work well....?

Goal Line Design said...

on the flyers jersey, i think if you fix the font and maybe add some more orange to the collar you got something.

Anonymous said...

What a save, holy crap.

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