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So, I won the Nashville Predators re-design contest. Brad and I both finished with 8 votes in the initial poll. In the playoff poll I won by a 14-9 score! Of course seeing as this is my website, I really don't need an entire post to myself (as was the prize with the contest). Thus, I have given my post to Brad...

Brad decided to do an Original 6 concept series for his post.

We start with...
Chicago Blackhawks conceptBrad meant for this jersey to be gold, not tan. I love the thin lines on the collar and the simple job that the stripes are doing.

Detroit Red Wings conceptNice and simple. There's no other way to do it with the Red Wings!

Montreal Canadiens conceptBrad says this jersey is just natural progression and wonders why they don't do this now. Sorry Brad, I'm not on board with you there.

Toronto Maple Leafs conceptBrad really likes this one. He said he'd buy one if they were the actual jerseys. I believe that their former AHL team, St. John's Maple Leafs did something like this one year. Where they went with blue numbers on a blue jersey.

New York Rangers conceptBrad based this concept off of their old, old farm team the New York Rovers. I like this jersey! Nice colours and a great nod to the past.

Boston Bruins conceptI left this one until the end because it's my favourite. I'm going to put it right here in the post that I'm nominating it for Concept of the Week! Brad says this is a design he's had for the B's for years!

That's Brad's post. Leave him some feedback and let him know what you think of his Original 6 jerseys.
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Brad said...

Ryan, you honor me. Thank you for the kind words and the space in the blog. I hope everyone enjoys my ideas and leaves their opinions. Thanks again!

Tex said...

Great stuff Brad, all of them.

Goal Line Design said...

awesome work. all around great. blackhawks is my favorite i just mite change the shoulder logo to the crest on their current alternate jersey. congrats!

Glen said...

I actually saw a white Leafs jersey with a white logo in Hart the other day.

Anonymous said...

Wow... nice job on the jerseys!!!

Shaun said...

I love all these jerseys, the Blackhawks one is probably my fave. Although Bobby Orr and Bobby Hull were never captains but Brad Park was for the Rangers.

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