Boxing Day Blowout!

There's no deals here. Sorry to mislead you with the title. In fact, I don't think I've ever tried to sell anything on this site. Maybe I'll start selling HJC tee's and hoodies? (hahaha)

Toronto Maple Leafs conceptsJack did a complete redo of the Leafs unis. I like the idea of a dark navy alternate. I also like the leaves on the side of the pants for the alternate. As much as I don't like to see circle logos, I think this one works...but I DON'T want to see it used on a jersey in the next 10 years! Good stuff Jack.

I mentioned in my last post that I thought Toronto would get the 2013 Heritage Classic versus Ottawa. I say that because I think Vancouver will get the 2012 game against Edmonton. With the Canucks buying the rights to the Vancouver Millionaires brand it seems logical that they would be in the game. Why would they host? Edmonton wouldn't host because Calgary just hosted and it wouldn't be quite fair to give Alberta 2 games in a row. Montreal wouldn't host as they've just played in the previous year's game. Toronto can host, but why not capitalize on the purchase of the Millionaires brand as quick as possible. Ottawa is out because they are a terrible sports city who have a hard time supporting any sports event in large numbers. Don't believe me? Ask ANY former owner of an Ottawa sports franchise.

Of course, I made up a crappy logo for my fictional 2012 event.
Heritage Classic logo conceptAnd the game wouldn't be complete without throwback uniforms.
Edmonton Oilers conceptVancouver Canucks concept

Philadelphia Flyers conceptThis is from Tex. I like it because it has a cool 80's feel to it. I get that mostly from the numbers. However, I don't think Flyers fans would be too happy with their team wearing the same striping pattern as the Penguins of the 80's!

Yesterday I was pondering what jersey to purchase at JerseyCity.ca (they were having a 40% off sale). I went the extra mile and ordered TWO jerseys. Coming within the next 3-7 business days are Buffalo's 40th anniversary sale and Chicago's alternate sweater! Tomorrow I'm going to post a photo of my jersey collection, if you readers want to do the same and send them in I think it would be a neat thing to post. If you have a small story or description about your collection, that would be awesome.

Send them to;
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Glen said...

Please let the Millionaires (Canucks) wear bleach white!

Glen said...

Oh yeah, and I'd buy a tee or hoodie as long as you made them affordable to my college-student budget.

Anonymous said...

Edmonton would never use that jersey come on man...... epic fail

The Gamer said...

A good Heritage Classic would be Toronto vs Vancouver in Vancouver, Toronto vs Winnipeg in Winnipeg, or Winnipeg vs Edmonton in Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

Dude, AMAZING idea with the old Eskimos throwbacks, i am drooling over it. clearly the other anonymous doesn't know anything. epic fail? lol really?

brilliant idea man, i hope edmonton adopts these as 3rds.

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