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3 M's and an A...

I've decided to slap history and tradition in the face with this concept.
Montreal Canadiens conceptThe only thing reminiscent of the current Habs' sweaters are the blue stripes on the arms. Actually most of the elements are based off of previous Canadiens jerseys. The white line indicates a red shoulder yoke, the white collar based off of the 60's jerseys and laces speak for themselves.

Stephan also did a Habs concept
Montreal Canadiens conceptThere's a lot going on here. Maybe a little too much. I like the idea of having an old logo as the captain or alternate's letter though. It worked for the Flames in the 90's.

Minnesota Wild conceptThis was sent in by Tex. I love this striping pattern, but on a Wild jersey it just reminds me too much of Christmas. Maybe because it's that time of year? People say their current home sweater looks like Christmas, but I don't see it there. I feel like I should like this jersey, and I want to like this jersey. Maybe I'll come back to it in June.

Finally Brian sent in this Ducks jersey.
Anaheim Ducks conceptOH NO!!!! A circle logo!!!!!!! Other than that, I like the colours and the striping which looks to be based on their mid 2000's alternates.

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