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December 31, 2010

COTW Winner and Classic Delay

This week's Concept of the Week goes to Glen! Check out the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab for his winning entry and other past winners.

It was announced tonight that the NHL's mid season spectacle, the Winter Classic, has been postponed until 8pm (originally a 1pm start). Check out THIS news release. It seems to have potential to be a massive disaster if bad weather persists.

It also poses a massive conflict for the die hard Leafs fan, such as myself. Do I watch the traditional Leafs Saturday night game on Hockey Night in Canada? Or do I watch the Winter Classic as I do every year? Interestingly, both games are scheduled to be on Hockey Night in Canada. One will probably be available on TV and the other online. Which goes where though?

EDIT: Caps and Pens practiced today on the ice surface at Heinz Field. Here's the Caps posing for the team photo in their Winter Classic jerseys.

December 30, 2010

A Jersey Collection

I'll start with a couple of concepts that Tex sent in.
Buffalo Sabres conceptPhiladelphia Flyers conceptThese are road white versions of concepts that Tex sent in earlier this month. BUF PHI

Here's a quick international concept I did a while back.
Team Russia conceptIt's based on their 1972 uniforms that they wore during their 8 game series against Canada. I wish there were more opportunities for international teams to wear throwback and third jerseys, because who REALLY watches the World Championships when the playoffs are on?!?!?!

Trevor sent in his jersey collection! Who better to describe it to you then Trevor himself;
Mine is CBJ heavy because that's my team. I have so many because hockey jerseys are by far my favorite article of clothing, next to hoodies! No American hockey fan's jersey collection is complete without the 1980 jersey, of course I have both home and away. I got the Canada practice jersey at a re-sale shop mainly for Nash. And I've always been a fan of Boston and the Whalers, love the New England area. My OSU jersey is tribute to Umberger. And I'm always a fan of the diagonal word script, my fiancée is from Pennsylvania so the Pens jersey is more for her then me
Got a jersey collection? Send a pic and a story to;

December 29, 2010

Glen's NHL Rebrand Part V

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! It's cold here, so to get your mind off the "winter blues" I have two warm-weather concepts for you.

FLORIDA- The red is back, and the baby blue is dead. I used the head from inside the circle logo, but added whiskers, changed the eyes, and made it yellow. The pre-Edge home and road jerseys come back, and a more traditional look is used for the third. An updated full-body Panther is featured on the alternate jersey.

LOS ANGELES- Something that I really wanted to do with this series was to re-introduce colour. The Kings had a beautiful purple jersey, but they canned it when the Edge system was introduced. I brought back the hem stripes and put the shield logo on the third.

MINNESOTA- They tried to make up for their mistake by reintroducing a green alternate, but the answer was staring them in the face all along. If you haven't figured out yet, I hate all things circle logos and wordmarks, so I have rid the Wild of both. The old green road jersey returns, and the red jersey becomes the third once again. The M from the script logo is used instead of the circle logo, and is also featured on one of the shoulders.
There will not be a Rebrand post next Wednesday, as I am starting my second semester of college, and I still have to make Nashville and New Jersey.

December 28, 2010

My Jersey Collection

Here's my personal jersey collection:- Of course it's Leafs heavy!
- Can you spot the THREE Chinese knock offs?
- There are 3 jerseys missing, a 2003 Leafs white jersey(#14 STAJAN), Buffalo 40th anniversary jersey, and Chicago's alternate.
- Next on the jersey hit-list: Vancouver's 40th anniversary jersey, LA Kings 2010-11 throwback, Penguins Winter Classic, and Boston's Winter Classic (starting to become hard to find)

If this interest you at all, you can find solo pics of all my jerseys HERE.

Want to show off your jersey collection? Send in a photo and description to;

December 27, 2010

Start of a New Week

It's Monday and that means the usual business to take care of.

We'll start with last week's poll which asked who is the best goalie of all time. In the closest Weekly Poll vote ever.Patrick Roy beat out Marty Brodeur by ONE vote! (17-16) That's too close to call. We might have to revisit this one down the road.
This week's poll focuses on the Winter Classic.This year's edition of the Classic doesn't have the charm or history that Wrigley and Fenway had. However, it does have the superstar matchup of Crosby versus Ovechkin. Which leads to this week's question...a two part question. Will you be watching this year's Winter Classic? and who will win this year's game? Voting runs until FRIDAY at 11:59pm EST

Next order of business is the Concept of the Week voting. You can see this week's nominees in the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting is on the left side of the page and will run until Thursday at 11:59pm EST.

Quick concepts here
Calgary Flames conceptI did this one last night while quite tired. I tried to simplify the current Flames sweaters, but I don't think the basic block numbers work with this jersey...ah well.

Minnesota North Stars conceptThis was Tex's entry into Wild About Design's North Stars Now contest. Go check out that site HERE.

I was going to post my jersey collection today, but every memory card I put into my computer became corrupted. Don't let my failure stop you from sending in a pic of your jersey collection and send along a story about some of the jersey in said collection.

December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Blowout!

There's no deals here. Sorry to mislead you with the title. In fact, I don't think I've ever tried to sell anything on this site. Maybe I'll start selling HJC tee's and hoodies? (hahaha)

Toronto Maple Leafs conceptsJack did a complete redo of the Leafs unis. I like the idea of a dark navy alternate. I also like the leaves on the side of the pants for the alternate. As much as I don't like to see circle logos, I think this one works...but I DON'T want to see it used on a jersey in the next 10 years! Good stuff Jack.

I mentioned in my last post that I thought Toronto would get the 2013 Heritage Classic versus Ottawa. I say that because I think Vancouver will get the 2012 game against Edmonton. With the Canucks buying the rights to the Vancouver Millionaires brand it seems logical that they would be in the game. Why would they host? Edmonton wouldn't host because Calgary just hosted and it wouldn't be quite fair to give Alberta 2 games in a row. Montreal wouldn't host as they've just played in the previous year's game. Toronto can host, but why not capitalize on the purchase of the Millionaires brand as quick as possible. Ottawa is out because they are a terrible sports city who have a hard time supporting any sports event in large numbers. Don't believe me? Ask ANY former owner of an Ottawa sports franchise.

Of course, I made up a crappy logo for my fictional 2012 event.
Heritage Classic logo conceptAnd the game wouldn't be complete without throwback uniforms.
Edmonton Oilers conceptVancouver Canucks concept

Philadelphia Flyers conceptThis is from Tex. I like it because it has a cool 80's feel to it. I get that mostly from the numbers. However, I don't think Flyers fans would be too happy with their team wearing the same striping pattern as the Penguins of the 80's!

Yesterday I was pondering what jersey to purchase at (they were having a 40% off sale). I went the extra mile and ordered TWO jerseys. Coming within the next 3-7 business days are Buffalo's 40th anniversary sale and Chicago's alternate sweater! Tomorrow I'm going to post a photo of my jersey collection, if you readers want to do the same and send them in I think it would be a neat thing to post. If you have a small story or description about your collection, that would be awesome.

Send them to;

December 25, 2010

A Most Merriest of Christmases...or whatever you may celebrate

The presents are unwrapped, the turkey is eaten, a family member has had too much wine and said something inappropriate. Ah, the holidays! Under my tree, the wife left me a Calgary Flames Heritage Classic jersey! She then had to listen as I talked to her for 10 minutes about how the jersey was a hybrid of Edge and old CCM jerseys. She also had to listen to how awesome it was that there was no Reebok Jock Tag on the front hem of the jersey! I concluded my lesson by informing her that Jersey City is having a 40% off boxing day sale tomorrow and I was going to buy TWO jerseys! It's a toss up between Buffalo's 3rd, Chicago's 3rd, Minnesota's 3rd and Pittsburgh's Winter Classic. Any suggestions? Anyone else get a jersey for a gift?

That's enough about me...not really. Here's a throwback mash up concept I did.
Toronto Maple Leafs conceptMy prediction is Toronto getting the 2013 Heritage Classic versus Ottawa and I was wondering if they would do a straight up throwback or a vintage mash up like this?

Colorado Avalanche conceptJack sent this in. Funny, the Avs are one of the teams I get the least amount of concepts for. This is a nice streamlined version of their pre-Edge jerseys. Odd, isn't that what Reebok was trying to do?

Washington Capitals conceptWhen I do a Caps concept I try to resist the urge to use the "Weagle" as the main crest. I know that others will do that for me. Plus, the Caps' logo is one of the few wordmarks that works as a main crest. Is this too stripe heavy?

Buffalo Sabres conceptThis is from Tex. I am still unclear if the Sabres are keeping their current fauxbacks for next season. If they don't come back will we see another new Buffalo jersey? I would like something like this, except for the white shoulders. Other than that, good stuff.

I left a lot of questions so feel free to comment... then tell your friends to comment...then make sure they tell their friends...eventually it will get back around to you and you can comment again!

December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Day Concepts

These concepts have nothing to do with Christmas, it was just an easy title... anyways!

Start with the Concept of the Week for December 13-19, which was won by Brad and his Boston Bruins concept. Go check it out on the COMP CHAMPS page.

Anaheim Ducks conceptBrian has done something completely different here while managing to stick to the successful hockey jersey rules. He's used the Duck crest from the Disney movie, The Mighty Ducks and the jersey is gold!

Anaheim Ducks conceptBrian finishes up his Duck crusade with this one. We see this one a lot with Ducks jerseys, the mashing of eras. This one looks good. I like thin yellow line on the cuffs as it seems to give the colours more life. Ever since that awful third jersey came out people always seem to want to put the old Duck logo on the jerseys. Is the retro phase getting out of control or is it actually a better logo?

Tampa Bay Lightning conceptI always find it difficult to be creative with Lightning jerseys. Tex has tried here, but for me this misses the mark. Gotta love the effort though. I think the Lightning just need a better logo!

San Jose Sharks logoJack took the old pre-Edge alternate and Edgefied it. He also updated it with thin hem stripes and the new logos.

That's all. Leave an opinion or if you like a jersey, nominate it for Concept of the Week.

December 23, 2010

Glen's NHL Rebrand Part IV

DALLAS- Green is back! I relegated black to an alternate colour. The logo has been changed to more closely resemble that of the team's affiliate in Texas. I've also added hem stripes. The high-school look is no more, and the Stars now look like a professional team.

DETROIT- "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" The only changes that I made were slight. I changed the striping on the the road to match the home, and added TV numbers to the sleeves of the alternate. I added the alternate logo to the shoulders of the home and road. The Winter Classic jersey returns as an alternate.

EDMONTON- I had originally planned to use the retro templates, but in navy and copper. That didn't exactly go as planned. So, rather than that, I used the pre-Edge jerseys and recoloured the copper to orange. A single oil drop adorns the shoulders. I actually changed the alternate jersey while writing this post. The team's oil worker alternate logo is placed on their 1996-1997 home jersey. It's a jersey that I've always loved, and although it may not work as a primary jersey, I think it fits nicely as an alternate.
That's all for now. Have a very Merry Christmas, and I'll be back with FLA, LA, and MIN next week.

December 21, 2010

A New Week

With the holidays, we might all be a little busier with less time for things such as HJC. So, this week might be a little slower on traffic and updates.

I'll start today by mentioning that the vote is now up for Concept of the Week - Dec 13-19. Left side of the page and it runs until Thursday (11:59 EST)

Also, last week's weekly poll wrapped up and 34% (25 votes) said that Quebec City should be the next recipient of an NHL franchise.As long as the Canadian government holds up it's end of the deal and contributes the money for a new arena, then I don't see why this won't happen.

Finishing in a very close 2nd was Winnipeg with 31% (23 votes). I would have a few concerns about Winnipeg. Is the corporate community big and rich enough that they could support the team? As far as the fans go, they were given several pre-season games over the past five or so years, all featuring Canadian teams and/or the Coyotes (former Jets) and they did not sell out some of them. That was a huge thing for Winnipeg to prove it was serious about an NHL team.

I also want to point out that Gary Bettman's suspected "preferred" cities (Kansas City and Las Vegas) finished at the bottom of this poll. They had a combined 8 votes!

This week's poll runs along the same theme as the very popular greatest player of all-time poll. I'm asking who you think the greatest goalie of all time is. Vote on the right side of the page. Runs until Sunday (11:59 EST)

Now, for some crazy jerseys.

Stephan sent this in.
Dark Side of the Moon conceptIt would be interesting to see if this would sell during Rogers Waters' (Pink Floyd) Canadian performances this year.

Brad brought this to my attention.I don't think HJC readers would have voted the Lady Liberty jersey as greatest jersey of all-time if this was part of the set. Who made this and why?!?!?!

December 18, 2010

A Whole Assortment of Concepts

The winner of the first Concept of the Week (Dec 6-12) is Tex! Go to the COMP. CHAMPS tab to check out his winning retro Penguins concept.

I'll start us off with a concept today
New Jersey Devils conceptI know the Devils will most likely never have a third jersey with Captain Lou at the helm, but here's a good option if they ever did choose to employ an alternate sweater. I've had that NJ logo on my computer for years and I think it's a good option for a secondary crest.

Stephan is next...
Toronto Maple Leafs conceptThis is a real mish-mash of eras! Actually a friend of mine ordered a blank jersey and a loose patch and actually did make himself a jersey that looked like that top one.

Colorado Avalanche conceptTex sent this one in. He takes the current third, switches some colours and adds some much needed hem stripes. If the Avs added hem stripes to their alternates it could be right up there with some of the best.

Lastly, here is the first of many upcoming Ducks concepts by Brian.
Anaheim Ducks conceptYou really don't see triangle shaped shoulders anymore. Maybe they can make a comeback when the current retro phase is done? With all the buzz around the return of the old Ducks logo (albeit on a shoulder patch) maybe we'll start to see more merchandise use it? It does seem to be the only good thing about the Ducks new third.

December 16, 2010

Brad's Post

So, I won the Nashville Predators re-design contest. Brad and I both finished with 8 votes in the initial poll. In the playoff poll I won by a 14-9 score! Of course seeing as this is my website, I really don't need an entire post to myself (as was the prize with the contest). Thus, I have given my post to Brad...

Brad decided to do an Original 6 concept series for his post.

We start with...
Chicago Blackhawks conceptBrad meant for this jersey to be gold, not tan. I love the thin lines on the collar and the simple job that the stripes are doing.

Detroit Red Wings conceptNice and simple. There's no other way to do it with the Red Wings!

Montreal Canadiens conceptBrad says this jersey is just natural progression and wonders why they don't do this now. Sorry Brad, I'm not on board with you there.

Toronto Maple Leafs conceptBrad really likes this one. He said he'd buy one if they were the actual jerseys. I believe that their former AHL team, St. John's Maple Leafs did something like this one year. Where they went with blue numbers on a blue jersey.

New York Rangers conceptBrad based this concept off of their old, old farm team the New York Rovers. I like this jersey! Nice colours and a great nod to the past.

Boston Bruins conceptI left this one until the end because it's my favourite. I'm going to put it right here in the post that I'm nominating it for Concept of the Week! Brad says this is a design he's had for the B's for years!

That's Brad's post. Leave him some feedback and let him know what you think of his Original 6 jerseys.

December 14, 2010

Glen's NHL Rebrand Part III

Is it already time for another Rebrand post? Actually, it's not, but I have an Current Affairs exam tomorrow. So, I decided to do it tonight.

CHICAGO- The Blackhawks logo looked like a crayon box. It had EIGHT different colours in it! (Yes, I counted them) So I went to an extreme. The only colours that the Hawks now sport are black, white, and red. This exact logo was actually used by the Springfield Indians of the AHL. The striping on the road red jersey is changed to match the home jersey (it's a pet peeve of mine, watch for it later in the series), but that striping pattern is preserved on the black alternate jersey.

COLORADO- They had it perfect. Then came the Edge jerseys. All I did jersey-wise was to revert them back to what they had before Reebok ruined their jerseys. The logo received a slight alteration as I added the jagged peak from the Colorado Rockies logo to their current mark. The burgundy alternate returns with the Bigfoot logo on the chest.

COLUMBUS- The Blue Jackets are one of the few teams that the Edge system actually improved. The only change that I made to their home/ road set is that I darkened the blue on the shoulders of both jerseys, like their first third jersey. The blue on the body and shoulders of the road jersey no longer matches. I brought back their original CBJ logo and placed it on on of the shoulders. For the alternate, I replaced all the baby blue with red, and got rid of the copy-cat circle logo. These are the BLUE JACKETS, not the Panthers or Penguins.

Just one more exam until freedom for three weeks! Freedom means more time for concepts!

Next week is DAL, DET, and EDM

(We are now nearly 1/3 of the way through this Rebrand- what's your favorite jersey so far?)

3 M's and an A...

I've decided to slap history and tradition in the face with this concept.
Montreal Canadiens conceptThe only thing reminiscent of the current Habs' sweaters are the blue stripes on the arms. Actually most of the elements are based off of previous Canadiens jerseys. The white line indicates a red shoulder yoke, the white collar based off of the 60's jerseys and laces speak for themselves.

Stephan also did a Habs concept
Montreal Canadiens conceptThere's a lot going on here. Maybe a little too much. I like the idea of having an old logo as the captain or alternate's letter though. It worked for the Flames in the 90's.

Minnesota Wild conceptThis was sent in by Tex. I love this striping pattern, but on a Wild jersey it just reminds me too much of Christmas. Maybe because it's that time of year? People say their current home sweater looks like Christmas, but I don't see it there. I feel like I should like this jersey, and I want to like this jersey. Maybe I'll come back to it in June.

Finally Brian sent in this Ducks jersey.
Anaheim Ducks conceptOH NO!!!! A circle logo!!!!!!! Other than that, I like the colours and the striping which looks to be based on their mid 2000's alternates.

Leave a comment. It helps all of us get better!