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November 7, 2010

A tonne of Oilers comin in!

Got a lot of concepts to get to, so no time for small talk.

Edmonton Oilers conceptsI kind of like the faded retro colours and logos.

Edmonton Oilers conceptsI love the orange cuffs. Nice new shoulder patch also.

Edmonton Oilers conceptsA new Oilers logo featuring an oil tower and classic oil drop.

Edmonton Oilers conceptsHe finished Reebok's design and wrapped the arm stripes all the way around. New shoulder piping also.

Edmonton Oilers conceptsI tried to stay classic with the colours, but modern with the style that they switched to in the late 90's.

Glen 2
Edmonton Oilers conceptsGlen's 2nd entry uses the late 90's striping with the early 90's colours.

That's all for now. Sorry for the lack of depth to this post. I'll have more to say tomorrow.

1 comment:

Glen Cuthbert said...

And here I thought I was going to be original with the Oil Drop shoulder patch!

p.s. That's ORANGE on mine.