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A Tie?!?!? There's no ties in hockey!

We have a tie. Both finishing with 30% of the votes are Glen and White Lightning. You can review their entries by clicking on the link below.
White Lightning
There's only one way to settle this...a shootout! (of sorts). 1-on-1, Glen vs White Lightning. A new poll will be put up on the side. It will run until Tuesday 11:59pm (eastern). Vote for your favourite Panthers concept of the two.

As we finish up one concept competition we move on to the next. The people have spoken and with 60% of the vote, a Dallas Stars concept jersey competition is next.

Create NEW and marketable home and road jerseys. Jerseys must conform to NHL jersey rules.

The deadline for Stars concepts will be Wednesday at 11:59pm (eastern)
A Tie?!?!? There's no ties in hockey! Reviewed by Ryan on November 08, 2010 Rating: 5


Glen Cuthbert said...

Ryan: That's Dallas' home and THIRD jerseys. They switched to the white DALLAS sweater for the 2010 season.

Ryan said...

I know. I just posted it quickly. It doesn't really matter. I think everyone here would know they are home and 3rds.

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