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Tex wins! Tex wins!

I guess it's only fitting that a guy named Tex won the Dallas Stars competition. Way to go, and here's his winning entry.

Tex's Dallas conceptAs a prize, this entire post will feature more of his concepts! Any words in italics are Tex's words.

Boston Bruins conceptThe really,really,really yellow home was my version of the jersey used in the early '40's, but since I couldn't find the "Bruins" wordthing i just used the shoulder patch B. The road jersey is almost exact to the '48-'49 one, except I removed the 24-49 thing. And to finish it off the alternate based off the numbers up front football like design used from '36-'48, but with the old color scheme.

Montreal Canadiens conceptI used the logo from 1912-1917 and the "CAC" patch used from 1911-1912. I think they should ditch the red for blue, but that's just me.The alternate logo was used in the recent jerseys but I wanted to change the color scheme a bit.

New York Rangers conceptThe wordmark was used from 1946-1947 and the patch was used from '26-'27. I liked the new heritage or whatever jersey scheme so I used it, also I wanted to do a red 3rd so I did.

Remember, that I will be giving HJC a mini re-launch on Monday afternoon. Included will be a brand new logo for the site and a new and more in-depth competition.

PS - Let Tex know what you think about his concepts and leave a comment below.
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Anonymous said...

I really like like the Canadiens cincepts.

Anonymous said...

I HATE wordmarks, (sorry Tex) If your jerseys had logos on them, they'd be awesome.

Tex said...

Hey so do I, but I had to take what was given. The only ones with wordmarks are the Rangers anyway.

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