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We have our first set of Dallas Stars concepts!

Dallas Stars conceptsThis is an odd one to me. Stephan has replaced gold with blue and has put that blue on the shoulders. The sweater also features gray on the arms. I appreciate different things, but this sweater is not for me, personally.

Dallas Stars conceptsJack submitted what looks to me like football inspired jerseys. This is better than their current football inspired jerseys because these actually look like hockey jerseys. Unlike most people, I understand and accept that Dallas fans are so attached to their football that nothing can beat it and everything else revolves around it. Much like hockey is here in Toronto. Jays, Raptors, Argos, Bills (sort of) can't get away from the Leafs.

Also, Oilers voting will go up hopefully tomorrow afternoon. After the Panthers winner has been determined.

Got a Stars concept? Email it to;
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