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With the concept comp's going on I haven't posted any of the other jerseys I have been sent. So, here we go!

Brian sent in this Nordiques concept.
Quebec Nordiques conceptBrian informed me that it is based on a french canadian series called "La série Montreal Québec".

Jack sent in these concepts...
Boston Bruins conceptThis is based on their old heritage jersey posted below the image.

Washington Capitals conceptThat red jersey would be a great 3rd! Simple, but not too simple and sticking with their unique striping tendency.

Connor sent in a great set of Canucks jerseys
Vancouver Canucks conceptVancouver Canucks conceptVancouver Canucks conceptI love the retro look of these! Great to see the full body Johnny Canuck on a jersey.

Finally, during the summer I was sent a whole lot of images and marks pertaining to the Winter Classic. I haven't had anywhere to post them so I will post them now. The first one, I added the jerseys to. It is being used on various merchandise.
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