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More Panthers and MY Pens Classic Jersey!!!!

I'll start with the entries into the Panthers jersey redesign.

The first one came in from "White Lightning"
Florida Panthers conceptsAs a classic style jersey fan, I like these! Simple and they look sharp. Of course this is only a home and road jersey redesign, so when you vote unfortunately you have to disregard that awesome 3rd jersey.

Stephan has the next entry.
Florida Panthers conceptsThis is a neat idea, to have the claw scratches on the jersey. Scratches also make up the new "FP" logo. Again, Stephan does something different and puts the sleeve numbers on the cuff. Well done Stephan!

Now on to my Penguins Winter Classic jersey! If this doesn't interest you there's nothing more to this post.

For those that have kept reading here's a quick recap. I created the following concept.
Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic conceptI posted it on July 28th. You can see the post here.

On October 11th, I was looking at some other people's Winter Classic concepts around the net and I came across a knockoff jersey site that claimed to be selling the yet to be seen Penguins Winter Classic jersey. You can read that post here. Turns out the "unseen" jersey was my concept! Some sellers were even using my image to sell the jersey.

I couldn't help myself, I ordered one. Last Tuesday, a package arrived but they had sent the wrong jersey (Pens 3rd). Today, another package came containing MY Penguins Winter Classic jersey. Behold!
HJC Penguins jerseyAnd I took a couple blurry shots of me wearing my jersey.
FrontBackEventhough I ordered a XXL (56) it's still rather small, they always are when they are knockoffs.
This is pretty cool, to me. I probably won't wear it, just keep it hanging as a collector item. I think I'll keep the fake tags on it also.
More Panthers and MY Pens Classic Jersey!!!! Reviewed by Ryan on November 03, 2010 Rating: 5


Connor Hanley said...

that is so awesome

Anonymous said...

White Lightning needs a BACK to his jersey... it's not eligible.

Glen said...

I just realized that the real jersey ISN'T IDENTICAL to you concept. Close... but not exact.

Visage said...

i wish i could get someone to make a knock off of one of my designs.
that is really cool you got your own creation. the only difference is in the striping on the hem your design kept it the same as the sleeves with it being navy baby blue why big navy where as they have it nav white baby blue big navy. still thats awesome. rock on.

Ryan said...

Yeah, I realized the hem stripes were different last night after I posted. That means the jersey I got is different from the photos they used to sell the jersey (which matched my concept). Whatever, it doesn't make a difference to them!

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