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Final Batch of Panthers Jerseys?

I have the final batch of Florida Panthers concepts here. Any concepts that come in after this post (if any) need to be in by midnight eastern time. They will be posted tomorrow.

I got two entries from Tex.
Florida Panthers conceptsFlorida Panthers conceptsI like the red jersey on the second set. I don't think I like the yellow name on the white jersey, first set. That might be a little too hard to see. I do like the idea of a team logo being a permanent patch on the front of the jersey as Tex has done on set 1.

The next entry is mine.
Florida Panthers conceptSticking with my traditional tendencies I went with a simple striping pattern, but much like their 90's shoulder were different (pointed instead of round) I made these shoulder different also and cut them off before the actually reach the end of the shoulder. Similar to how the Rangers do it.

Finally, Glen sent in his concept.
Florida Panthers conceptsGlen is the 3rd person the alter the logo. He's changed the eyes on the updated Panthers head. Judging from his email, he is very pleased with how it turned out.

That's that. Voting will hopefully start sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening. Thanks for all of the submissions!
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