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Ducks "Release" 3rd & Concepts

So, the Ducks played in their new third jersey earlier this afternoon and pretended like we all haven't seen the jersey for the past month and a half.This for me is the worst new jersey of the season. Glen had a write up on HJC when the jersey leaked which you can find here. Hopefully sometime this weekend I would like to put up my 2010-11 new jersey rankings!

Tonight I'll start off with Blades of Steel contest entries.
Ryan - New York
Tex - Vancouver
Leave your feedback at the bottom of the page!

With the recent release of the Blue Jackets' new third there will be people (myself included) who will want to show you what they would've done. Brian has done that here and done a very nice job of sticking with the same idea Columbus had, but gearing it along the same theme as their current jerseys.
Columbus Blue Jackets concept
Jack sent in these nice Lightning concepts
Tampa Bay Lightning conceptsAnything would be better than the generic Reebok paint-by-numbers template that they use now!

Stephan sent in this cool Bruins concept
Boston Bruins conceptIt's a melting pot of the 1948 logo, early 50's jerseys, and 20's-30's colours.

To finish off, here is a great set of Leaf jerseys by Tex.
Toronto Maple Leafs concepts
If you've got a Blades of Steel concept, the deadline is Sunday at 11:59pm EST. Click on the BLADES OF STEEL tab for all the rules.

Send your concepts to;

All of the people who sent in their concepts greatly appreciate your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.
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