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Concepts Because of New Thirds

Oh oh, voting for concept jerseys has gone down significantly! Only 18 votes for Oilers jerseys with only 20 hours to go. By the end of Ducks voting there were over 100 votes. Maybe it's time to move on to other projects? Any ideas? Email them to me.

Now for the less depressing...concepts!

The Rangers are going to reveal their new 3rd jersey in the upcoming hours (as if we haven't seen it). On that topic, Jack sent in these simple and clean New York concepts.
New York Rangers conceptsJack's white jersey is a nice addition. That would be great as a third jersey also. He brought back the thin blue stripe between the red and white stripes, such as they had in the 80's.

Trevor made a couple of Blue Jackets jerseys based on the canon logo found on some merchandise.
Columbus Blue Jackets conceptsTrevor said he used a Civil War theme basing his entire design after a Union Artillery uniform.

I made this Red Wings concept
Detroit Red Wings conceptThe striping is from the 1929-30 Detroit Cougars jersey. The script on the front of the jersey is the same font that Ford uses. Ford calls Detroit it's hometown, but most already knew that.

Here's another one of my creations
Vancouver Canucks conceptIt's a retro inspired Canucks jersey. With the success of the 40th anniversary jersey, I think it's only a matter of time before the "stick-in-rink" logo becomes the main crest. Thus, leaving a void at the 3rd jersey position. With retro jerseys the "in" thing right now, this would be a good option.

That's all. Email all of your concepts, comments, questions and bitching to;
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