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Competition On!

Sorry about the delay. I nearly forgot that we still had the Dallas Stars concepts to vote on! You can find the concepts under the "Dallas Stars Comp" tab. The poll is on the RIGHT side of the page.

While we're all here, I have a few concepts that came in.

Dylan sent in a Preds concept.
Nashville Predators conceptI think the Preds are heading in the direction of this colour scheme and with the promotion of the current alternate they would need a new one. The font isn't the best in my opinion and I think the lighter blue should be less prominent.

Jack from GLD is next
New York Islanders conceptI think either one of these would be a great as the new alternate next season. I wouldn't be surprised to see the lighthouse logo appear as a shoulder patch such as Jack has done.

To finish off, Tex.
Vancouver Canucks conceptTex sent in this vintage Canucks concept. He really plays on some of the features I'd like to see on jerseys.
1)Permanent patch on the front of the jersey
2)Logos in the arm stripes instead of shoulder patches
3)Vintage white coloured jersey
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