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Columbus Thirds!

The best kept jersey secret since the era of Edge was the Columbus Blue Jackets new alternate jersey. The Jackets managed to keep the internet free of leaks and hints right up until the jersey's release last night. Other than the Icethetics info (cannon logo) the most reliable info on the jersey was this over on CCSLC.
When I saw that information I made this concept with a cannon logo from the promo helmet we all saw.(Thanks to Connor for the logo) Obviously I was way off.

Lets start with the good;
1. The unique number font. I like that the font is different from what the typical sports numbers look like and it works on a jersey.
2. White shoulder yokes. The only other team wearing white shoulders are the Penguins 3rd jersey. So I give Columbus credit for going that route.
3. Keeping it simple. I appreciate that Columbus didn't try to be too different. It seems whenever a team tries to be really different they fail miserably.
The bad;
1. Circle logo. I discussed this nearly a year ago to the day. It is no longer acceptable to me to have a "classic" circle logo. It's just a lack of imagination.
2. Looks like every other jersey. While it's a decent looking jersey, it looks like every other jersey we've seen over the last three years. PuckDrawn has a great article about how similar all of these new jerseys are. Check it out here.
3. Vintage white for the sake of vintage white. When Minnesota did this they were the first team so it was cool. Now we have everyone using vintage white like they've all been around for 60 years. Some teams just don't fit with vintage white, like Columbus. Original 6 throwbacks, ok... Winter Classics..ok. Minnesota, ok (because they were first). Anyone else...NOT OK!

Finally, this jersey looks good.If any other alternate hadn't come out in the last 2 years then this jersey would be good. However, that's not the case and this jersey has copy-cat written all over it. I can't give this jersey a 3 so I will give it a 2.9 out of 5.

What do you give it? Rate it on the poll on the side...

*Sorry if this post doesn't make sense. I'm into my third rum and coke!
Columbus Thirds! Reviewed by Ryan on November 25, 2010 Rating: 5

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