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November 27, 2010

Boston had best Winter Classic jersey.

In a vote that was much closer than I thought it would be, Boston edged out Pittsburgh's 2008 Classic sweater by an 18-15 score!Thus, readers have named Boston's 2010 Winter Classic sweater the best of the New Year's Day jerseys!

That was a fun voting tournament. I personally like the informal polls on the page. I hope to get a weekly poll started having to do with hot topics that week in the NHL.

Got some more Blades of Steel concepts!

Brad - Vancouver
Brad - New York
Stephan - New York
Brad also sent his Blades of Steel logo!
Submit your Blades of Steel concepts for Vancouver and New York by tomorrow at 11:59pm EST

Brad also sent in these great retro St Louis Blues concepts
St Louis Blues conceptSt Louis Blues concept
Stephan sent in this retro based green Canucks jersey.
Vancouver Canucks concept
Leave your feedback in the comments section.


Tex said...

Nice work Brad.

Glen said...

Ok, Ryan, we gotta get that Rebrand up soon before ALL my thunder gets stolen! Brad just nailed my Blues design.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, I love your rebrand competitions. Glen is right lets do a Blues rebrand.